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(the yellow sheet)

Application Deadlines:

2nd Friday in February, in October and in August

Admission requirements must be met by the end of the semester in which you apply, not by the date of the application.

MTTC scores are not needed until the end of the semester in which you apply


Application Materials

Candidates for admission to the School of Education should review the application documents to become familiar with the prerequisites and requirements of the program.  You must complete all admission requirements during the semester in which you apply.  Admission status will not be finalized until the MTTC scores are received and grades are finalized.

Applications for admission are accepted prior to the 2nd Friday in October,  February and August each year.  Admission becomes effective at the start of the following semester.  Individuals must be admitted to the school of education prior to enrolling in TE301 or higher.  Program prerequisites require that you be admitted at least three semesters prior to graduation.

:   Teacher Education Check-off
NOW IN THREE PARTS:  Phase 1 - Phase 2 - Phase 3 (download separately or together)
what to do and when to do it

F025-b  Criminal History Disclosure/Release

  • Application to School of Education - (revised March 2007)

  • Stepwise Guide to the Admission Process
  • Michigan Test For Teacher Certification Basic Skills Test (MTTC BST) is required for admission, register online at
    Michigan Test for Teacher Certification:
    Frequently Asked MTTC Questions
  • Advising Notes for Sault College students in Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Guidelines for Field Experiences PRIOR to admission. (directions updated 18 Dec 03) Documentation for this work is SUMMARIZED on Form F310.  Evidence of work outside of the classroom setting is to be submitted using Form F315 Work associated with your TE250 course is to be submitted on Form F320.   This experience must be both recent and relevant:  60  hours can be completed in 3 years preceding formal application;   20 hours must be completed within the calendar year prior to application
  • Writing Rubric - used for evaluation of the extemporaneous essay

The School of Education uses numbered forms for many of our internal documents.  These forms are available on our website and may be downloaded as needed.

F310-b Summary of Teaching/Child Related Experiences (pdf)  This revised form tabulates field experiences documented with F315 and F320.  Submit with application to School of Education. (revised 18dec03)

F315-b Experiences with Children and/or Adolescents (pdf) (revised 18dec03)

F320-a Field Experience Log for TE250 (pdf) (revised 18dec03)

NOTE: students enrolled in CS101 beginning with the spring 2004 must keep their lab activities as documentation of their technology skills for inclusion in the application.


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