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MA:C&I Graduate Program
LSSU School of Education

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1. Assessment of Graduate Student Experience

1.A. Student Outcomes

1.B.  Student Satisfaction

2. Assessment of Program Viability

2.A. Enrollment

2.B. Financial Analysis



Reference Documents

Charts & Tables



Assessment of Student Outcomes

Assessment of student outcomes has been come the watch phrase for every academic endeavor.  The attachments linked below support the narrative provided in the main report which addresses the universities efforts to assess student learning outcomes through the Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction degree program.

Academic Achievement

Examples of Graduate Capstone Projects

Principal and Superintendent Responses (pending receipt)

  • Alice Walker, Superintendent of Tahquamenon Area Schools

  • Carolyn Dale, J.K.Lumsden Bahweting School

Questions: contact Dr. David Myton, Chair School of Education


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