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MA:C&I Graduate Program
LSSU School of Education

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1. Assessment of Graduate Student Experience

1.A. Student Outcomes

1.B.  Student Satisfaction

2. Assessment of Program Viability

2.A. Enrollment

2.B. Financial Analysis



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A vibrant and developing curriculum undergoes continuous change and revision as a result of overall program assessment, and through student, faculty and community feedback.  A comprehensive curriculum alignment exercise was begun in 2007 which tabulates the manner in which each required and elective course in the program contributes to developing the graduate toward outcomes of the NBPTS.  Curriculum changes since the program inception have addressed clarification of course prerequisite structures and credits, and the introduction of new courses based on student interest and faculty expertise.  Continuing efforts will be include refinement and strengthening of the alignment to the standards and connections between the student capstone project, the electronic portfolio assessment and the NBPTS standards.

Curriculum Mapping - Alignment to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)

Curriculum Changes

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