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MA:C&I Graduate Program
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1. Assessment of Graduate Student Experience

1.A. Student Outcomes

1.B.  Student Satisfaction

2. Assessment of Program Viability

2.A. Enrollment

2.B. Financial Analysis



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Enrollment in the MA:C&I Program

The enrollment in the graduate program courses has steadily grown over the past five years.  Summer is the key time for practicing teachers to return for their professional development training, but as the program recognition and number of admitted students has increase, so has demand for graduate courses during the academic year.  The presence of the graduate program has also been a benefit in our developing new partnerships with our regional K-12 schools, and offering graduate credit has been a key part of many recent grants which focused on teacher development.

Demographic and Academic profile of Graduate Students

The graduates from the MA:C&I program have been predominately female, they are a highly motivated group who have performed well, balancing work, family and the graduate program.  The student profile, which is linked from the title of this section, provides a variety of measures of student demographics and student achievement, including academic achievement with GPA by student, course and type of course.   Our graduates took 12-15 months on average to complete the program, and the currently enrolled students have been in the program for periods up to 36 months total.

Enrollment by Course and Course Rotation Schedule

The university has offered a limited number of graduate courses a part of our teacher certification program.  These courses, EDUC602 and 605, are taken by all student teaching interns, and were not counted as part of the enrollment trends shown above.  The linked document "Enrollment by Course and Course Rotation Schedule" provided course-by-course enrollment data, tabulates the number of graduate credits available to students each semester, and projects out until 2012 the graduate course offerings which the School of Education intends to deliver.

Graduate Admission Policy for Ontario Graduates

Due to our proximity to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, a number of teachers and other educational professionals from Ontario have expressed interest, and other soon will graduate, from our MA:C&I program.  The university has established a policy document which addresses the acceptability of the 3-Baccalaureate degree which is common among our constituents from Ontario.


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