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MA:C&I Graduate Program
LSSU School of Education

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1. Assessment of Graduate Student Experience

1.A. Student Outcomes

1.B.  Student Satisfaction

2. Assessment of Program Viability

2.A. Enrollment

2.B. Financial Analysis



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Master of Arts: Curriculum and Instruction

The MA:C&I program has experienced rapid growth since its approval by the HLC and enrollment has steady climbed in each of the past fours years.  The program was needed by teachers in our service region, for whom the nearest other university in Michigan would have been 3-5 hours distant.  The program has been financially positive, it has strengthened the School of Education both in enrollment and in reputation with our community, and it has provided the university its only graduate program.  The student response to the program has been exceptionally favorable and supportive.  Local school administrators and others have turned to the university as the provider for teacher professional development, and LSSU has become significantly more active in teacher development grants in part because of the availability of recognized graduate credits for participants.

The report provides an assessment from two perspectives, that of the student, and that of the university.  For the student, the report examines student learning outcomes, and the student assessment of the program.  For the University, the report focuses on enrollment and the financial viability.  This web site provides extended supporting documentation for each area, including charts, graphs, and other background information useful in evaluating the program and its effectiveness. 

Cecile Somme, Ph.D.
Graduate Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of Education

David. M. Myton, Ph.D.
Chair, School of Education and Professor of Chemistry

(last update: June 10, 2008)

2008 Commencement Exercises.  From left to right: Shelley Wooley, Marc Small, Carolyn Carr, Jody Burtt, Mary Carter, Christina Bradley.

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