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Professional Development Courses for Educators & the 

Please check your LSSU email account: [yourname]@lssu.edu at My.LSSU.edu for announcements and other essential information.  This is the E-mail account for all official communication from the program and university.

See our Graduate Rotation Schedule posted below 
Updated This is a slightly revised schedule, note the reduced offerings during the summer 2009 - however the department hopes to soon announce new online graduate course offerings, and our own version of an economic stimulus plan.  Watch this space for announcements soon!

Summer 2009 Schedule:
EDUC611 Educational Psychology July 6, 7, 8, 9 and July 20, 21, 22, 23 from 9-5
EDUC625 Multimedia for Instruc & Curr May 16 and 30, June 8, 9, 10, 11 from 8-5

Spring 2008 Commencement

2008 Commencement Exercises From left to right: Shelley Wooley, Sault, MI; Katherine Tassier, Cedarville Elementary; Mark Small, Sault MI;  Carolyn Carr, Cedarville Schools; Jody Burtt, Kinross Correctional Facility; Mary Carter, Sault Ontario, Christina Bradley, Rudyard Elementary. 

Graduate Admissions Procedure  - really more along the lines of who does what and when with regard to the process of graduate admission.

Graduate Registration Process: a Flowchart  - the registration processes can seem complicated, but not any more!  This colorful flowchart will help identify what documents and instructor permissions are needed in order to register for a graduate class.  Still have questions, drop us an email or stop by the office. 

Graduate Readmission - this form "Application for Readmission"  Updated is needed after a break in continuous enrollment in order to reactivate a student's status in the registration system.   This form is only for after you are admitted to the graduate program.  Use the colorful flowchart above to identify when and where this form is used!

 Graduate Course Rotation Schedule.  The following course rotation schedule is designed to allow a student to complete the graduate degree in a minimum of two years (counting summer), and it represents our planned program effective with the spring 2009.  Required courses (indicated with the EDUC prefix) will be offered on a fixed two year rotation.  Elective course titles (indicated with *) may  vary based on need or student interest, but one elective course will be available each semester.  The course rotation is designed to allow a student to be part-time each semester (to qualify for financial aid) with a minimum of 4 credits each semester, and no more than two courses any given semester.  The yellow blocked courses indicate a suggested course sequence for an individual beginning in the fall semester, the blue blocked courses would work for an individual beginning in the spring or summer semesters.  EDUC695 is now planned as a fall course, it has EDUC604 as a prerequisite.  The foundations courses are only offered in the summer sessions, one each summer on a three-year rotation.  In general, elective courses will only be offered once within a two-year period.

08-09 Fall 08 credits Spring 09 credits Summer 09 credits
year 2 EDUC602 3 EDUC605 3 EDUC611 Educational Psychology 4
  627 models 3 EDUC604 3 EDUC625 Multimedia for Curric 3
  EDUC695 3 622 tech 4  
09-10 Fall 09 credits Spring 10 credits Summer 10 credits
year 3 EDUC602 3 EDUC605 3 EDUC613 4
  EDUC695 3 EDUC604 3 EDUC624 Reading for PA118 3

Professional Development & Planned Programs for Provisional and Professional Certificate Renewal

The School of Education has experienced rapid growth as we meet the needs of teachers in Michigan ’s Eastern Upper Peninsula .  Our newest degree program helps teachers and other educators advance their professional development through a tailored program of coursework and experiences.  The program can be completed by continued part-time enrollment on a schedule that fits the needs of practicing teachers.  We continue to accept applications to the Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction.  Graduate courses are offered throughout the year.

As LSSU's only graduate program, the MA:C&I focuses on professional development issues often associated with certified teachers.  However the program will be open to all qualified candidates.  Teacher certification is NOT a prerequisite.   Contact David Myton, Head for the Department of Education for graduate advising (dmyton@lssu.edu or (906) 634-2349). 

In the News:
1) Master's Degree gaining interest

2) Graduate Program announced

THERE IS NO ADMISSION DEADLINE  for the graduate program, you may apply at any time and begin enrollment in graduate classes at the start of next semester. 

Graduate courses are open to any qualified student within the limits of the admission policy.  Candidates may complete not more than 50% of the graduate program requirements prior to admission.  LSSU courses completed during the student teaching internship can be used in our graduate program (up to six in the core requirements and six in the elective category), again within the limits of the admission policy.  See the page on admission policies for additional information.

OUR GRADUATES SAY IT BEST: Lake Superior State University has provided me with invaluable teaching experience.  From my first year to my last, I was able to complete field work, which provided me with four years of teaching experience in a variety of classrooms.  Throughout this time I was also immersed in educational theory, and by the time I completed my internship, I felt like I had already completed my first year of teaching.  A major benefit of this teaching program was the valuable contacts I was able to make within the schools, which helped me to gain employment when I graduated.  I was also able to graduate with 12 post-graduate credits, which I plan to put toward a Masters in Education.  The teaching program at Lake State has not only given me a solid foundation to build from, but has helped me develop into a competent and confident professional. --- Beth Orlando Teacher Education Graduate-2003

The graduate program requirements are described in detail in documents listed/linked on the left.  Working with a graduate advisor, candidates may incorporate the graduate credits earned through the LSSU student teaching internship, and a limited number of university credits accepted in transfer. 

Please contact LSSU Financial Aid Office directly if necessary at (906) 635-2678.

Questions: contact Dr. David Myton, Head for the Department of Education
Lake Superior State University
Department of Education
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