Lake Superior††††††††††† State University





27 June 2005




TO:Review Panel Regarding Programs to Prepare Teachers of English


SUBJECT:Response to Recommendations from Review Committee


The following bulleted items provide the additional information requested from the PR/PE review committee.In addition, this additional information has been added to the Master Narrative at LSSUís Website to create a complete program.The items below follow the information request from the Review Panelís report dated May 17, 2005


1. Total hours for each major/minor/endorsement was omitted from the Form XX.


The hours have now been tabulated and are not included on the revised Form XX posted on our PR/PE website:  We regret the oversight and the inconvenience this has caused. 


In summary, the Elementary English major is 42 semester hours, the Elementary Minor is 24 semester hours.  The Secondary English major is 45 semester hours, and the Secondary Minor is 24 semester hours.  The endorsement programs are each 24 semester hours.


We appreciate the committee's careful review of the program and look forward to a favorable conclusion to the review process.


David Myton, Ph.D.

Chair, School of Education