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Lake Superior State University

Application for State Approval of Teacher Preparation Specialty Programs

Request for New Program: Language Arts (BX)


Michigan Department of Education, Office of Professional Preparation Services

P.O. Box 30008 , Lansing , Michigan 48909

Phone:  (517) 335-4610 *** Fax:  (517) 373-0542



I.  Application Information


 Lake Superior State University

MDE Endorsement Area and Code (from Application Attachment 2)

 Language Arts (Elementary) - BX

Date of this Application

 November 2009

Name and Title of Unit Head

Dr. Barbara Searight
Director - Department of Education

Signature of Unit Head



II.  Contact Information for Questions Related to This Application

Contact Personís Name and Title

  Dr. Eric Gadzinski

Contact Personís Phone Number

906 635 2113

Contact Personís Fax Number

906 635 7565

Contact Personís E-Mail Address


III.  Type of Request for Approval                                                             (Indicate One)

New program for institution


U.S. Department of Education Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) Code, if vocational occupational area


Compliance with State Board of Education new or modified program criteria


Experimental program


Program amendment (See Section IX for guidelines)



IV.  Institutional Representatives

Please list individuals available to serve on Michigan Department of Education Ad-Hoc Committees Related to this Specialty Program (e.g., program review, standards development, test development, forum planning).  Include both higher education faculty and K-12 representatives.



Mailing Address

E-Mail Address



Dr.  Eric Gadzinski

Chair, Dept. of English and Language Studies

Language Arts program design

  Lake Superior State University, 650 W. Easterday Ave., Sault Sainte Marie, MI 49783

(906) 635- 2113

(906) 635-6678 

Carolyn S. Dale

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

K-8 curriculum 

Joseph K. Lumsden. Bahweting Anishnabe Public School Academy, 1301 Marquette Ave., Sault Sainte Marie, MI 49783

(906) 635-5055, x107

(906) 635-3805














V.  Program Information

Program Summary

Prepare a program narrative (5-6 page maximum) which:

         Describes the philosophy, rationale, and objectives of the specialty program and explains how the program is consistent with the philosophy, rationale, and conceptual framework of the unit.

         Describes the sequence of courses and/or experiences to develop an understanding of the structures, skills, core concepts, ideas, values, facts, methods of inquiry, and uses of technology.

         Describes how candidates are prepared to utilize a variety of instructional approaches to address the various learning styles of students.

         Describes any differences that may exist between elementary or secondary preparation to teach in each major or minor area (e.g., instructional resources, field placements, instructional techniques), if applicable.

         Describes how the program incorporates gender equity, multi-cultural, and global perspectives into the teaching of the subject area.

        Describes how the program prepares candidates to use multiple methods of assessment appropriate to this specialty area.  



Program Coursework

Complete Application Attachment 3 showing the required and elective courses for this program.  This list should include the following information. 

          Contact person for specialty program.

          Course title and number.

          Number of semester hours for required and elective courses.

          Designation for elementary, secondary, or K-12 certification.

          Course descriptions.


Link to FORM XX


VI.  Content Guidelines/Standards Matrix

Complete the Content Guidelines/Standards Matrix (a sample format is provided in Application Attachment 4); appropriate program standards must be selected for each program:

Link to BX Standards Matrix



VII.  Supporting Documentation

Field Experiences

         Describe how candidates for majors and minors in specific specialty programs participate in early field experiences in K-12 schools. 

         Describe aspects of the student teaching experience for certification candidates that enhance the applicantsí abilities to teach in this specific specialty area.  Are candidates in your institution assigned to K-12 classrooms as student teachers in both their major and minor (if applicable)?   


Link to Supporting Narrative

Instructional Methods

        Describe how candidates are prepared to teach in this specific specialty area.   


Link to Supporting Narrative

Course Descriptions

        Provide descriptions of all courses contained on Application Attachment 3.  Descriptions must provide enough information to show that standards could logically be met in these courses.   

Link to Course Descriptions


        Provide a representative syllabus for each required course (those listed on Application Attachment 3 and referenced in the standards matrix).  

Link to Syllabi


        Please complete the Instructional Faculty table from Application Attachment 5.

        Include all faculty teaching the courses shown on the Summary of Course Requirements for Specialty Program (Application Attachment 3), including those who may be temporary or non-tenure stream.

        List additional faculty positions that will be added if this program is approved.  

Link to Instructional Faculty Table  


        Describe how this program will utilize technological resources.  

Link to Supporting Narrative

Vocational Work Experience

        If applicable, please describe the structure and content of the required vocational work experience program.  How is this evaluated?

Not Applicable


VIII.  Experimental Program Description (Rule 53)

  Not Applicable



IX. Guidelines for Applying for Amendments to Currently Approved Teacher Preparation Programs

Not Applicable