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Application for Elementary Language Arts

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Course Descriptions


ENGL180 Introduction to Literary Studies

(3,0) 3

This course introduces students to the theory and methodology of literary study, focusing on three questions: What is a literary text? How do we read a literary text? How do we write about a literary text? Addressing these questions requires students to examine the social and cultural contexts of literature and its aesthetic, rhetorical and ideological aspects.These considerations will help students judge literary value and examine their own literary assumptions.Requires one research project and critical essays using MLA style. Prerequisite: ENGL110.



ENGL221 Creative Writing

(3,0) 3

Writing and discussion of art forms such as poetry, fiction and drama consistent with the student’s individual interests. Prerequisite: ENGL111.



ENGL222 English Grammar

(3,0) 3

Introduction to the basic Standard English grammar, its vocabulary and its principles as these rules apply to the structure of the sentence and the production of the meaning.


ENGL231 American Literature I

(3,0) 3

This course is a chronological study of American literature from the colonial writers through the Romantic period, ending with the Civil War. Prerequisite: ENGL180.


ENGL232 American Literature II

(3,0) 3

This course is a chronological study of American literature from the Civil War through the present, covering the Age of Realism and the development of twentieth century literature. Prerequisite: ENGL180.


ENGL236 Literature and Culture

(3,0) 3

Students will examine English-language texts from a variety of cultures, including American minorities and other underrepresented cultures. Students will observe the way in which culture is presented in the texts and how culture can help to shape the texts. Corequisite ENGL111.


ENGL320 Responding to Writing

(3,0) 3

A course in the theory and practice of effective writing with emphasis on evaluating and

responding to writing across the disciplines. Recommended for writing ombudsmen, tutors, education students and other interested students. Course includes rhetorical and linguistic theory, current research on writing as process, theory and practice of responding to student writing, computer-assisted writing and revision, tutorial strategies and characteristics of writing in various disciplines. A strong theoretical framework with

student paper examples from interdisciplinary fields


ENGL335 Children’s Literature in the Classroom

(3,0) 3

This course focuses on understanding the genres of children’s literature for ages birth through adolescence and applying this knowledge, using various teaching strategies, to create a literature based classroom for grades kindergarten through middle school. Required for elementary teacher non-English majors and elementary teacher English majors. Co-/prerequisites: ENGL111 and COMM101.



ENGL340 Genre Studies

(3,0) 3

This course focuses on an understanding of the formal characteristics, critical interpretation, and the history and development of a single literary genre, including but not limited to the novel, the short story, drama or poetry. Pre-/corequisites:

ENGL231/2 or ENGL233/4. Variable topics: may be repeated twice for credit.


CHLD420 Emergent Literacy

(3,0) 3

A methods class which facilitates understanding of the reading, writing, oral and listening

development of the child from preschool to early elementary. Prerequisite: CHLD220 or ENGL335.


COMM225 Interpersonal Communication

(3,0) 3

An introduction to interpersonal communication theory, with a focus on improved understanding of relationships and an improved ability to communicate more effectively with a variety of people. Prerequisite: COMM101.


THEA309 Speech and Drama Productions

(3,0) 3

Practical problems in the development and production of dramatic works, forensics

workshops, tournaments and festivals. Prerequisite: COMM101 and permission of


EDUC330 Reading in the Elementary Classroom

(3,0) 3

Study of reading as a process of constructing meaning through dynamic, interaction among the reader, the text, and the context of the reading situation.  Includes objectives, content, materials, organization and methods of teaching reading in the elementary school.  Fieldwork required.  Prerequisites: EDUC150, 250 and admission to the teacher education program.  Pre- or corequisite EDUC301 .

EDUC411 Elementary Language Arts and Methods Across the Curriculum

(3,0) 3

A study of general strategies and methodologies to facilitate effective learning in cluding the use of language arts as a vehicle for integrated curriculum.  Classroom management and organization for productive learning communities are also studied.  Integrated technology component.  Fieldwork required.  Prerequisites: EDUC150, 250, 301, 330 and admission to teacher education program .