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Faculty Member

Degree Highest

Degree in this Specialty Area, Indicating

Study Focus and Research Area

Professional Development Experience in the Last

3 Years

Familiarity with K-12 Curriculum Framework and MEAP Assessment

Special Awards and Recognition

P-2 Collaborative Work



Dr. John Erkkila

PhD. Economics: Industrial Organization and Labor Economics

Using Market Simulation in the Classroom workshop, Thompson Higher Education. 2004

First Annual Economics Alumni Workshop, Dept of Economics, The University of Western Ontario, 2004.

Many papers on “Economic Impact” presented to various groups and clubs on campus

 Reviewed the Economic State Standards to correlate LSSU economics courses

LSSU Distinguished Teaching Award



Prof Robert Money

MA History



LSSU Distinguished Teaching Award



Prof. James Moody

MA History and Humanities





PS 110


Richard T. Conboy

Ph.D. American Politics

 Public Admin State/Local Govt, Politics & Media, Local Economic Development


Contracted to evaluate student program at Rudyard Area High School, 2005; organized regional economic dev. conf., 2005; conducted citizen survey in Village of Newberry, 2005; served on Sault Ste. Marie Budget Review Comm. 2005; conducted community profile   Distinguished Teaching Award, LSSU, 2004; Community Luminary Award, Michigan Non-Profit Assoc., 2003  

PS 110

Dr. Gary Johnson



Political Theory

Methods/Phil Sci

Political Anthro

Internat Relations

Politics and Life Sciences



 Authored journal article; completing work as journal editor of Politics and the Life Sciences


Developed the PR/PE in Political Science matching LSSU political science courses with State Standards

 Distinguished Teaching Award, LSSU, 1998; Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, 2005




Prof. Gerald Root

MBA, Retired CFO

CFA, Finance

CFA test grader for years





Prof. Linda Schmitigal

MBE, MBA State of Michigan

Teaching Certification in Business

MBEA member and conference attendance.

AAHE Assessment Workshop.

Continuing Michigan Teacher Certification

Continuing Michigan Vocational Certification

MTTC Objective Review Committee.

Teaches Business Methods Course.

Wrote the CA program review.

Appointed Chair of the School of Business, Economics, and Legal Studies, 3-year term. Expires June 06

Worked on articulation agreements with Sault Career Center for 10 years.

Sault Career Center Advisory Committee meeting—10 y