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May 16, 2005




TO:Review Panel Regarding Programs to Prepare Teachers of Economics


SUBJECT:Response to Recommendations from Review Committee


The following bulleted items provide the additional information requested from the PR/PE review committee.In addition, this additional information has been added to the Master Narrative at LSSUís Website to create a complete program.The items below follow the information request from the Review Panelís report dated April 19, 2005


  1. Section 2, part b.There is no course EC203.The correction is EC202 Principles of Microeconomics.


  1. Section 2, part c.Eliminate reference to TE443 Secondary Science Methods and add TE490 Economics Methods


  1. Section 2, part e.(Additional clarification on incorporating gender equity issues).Economics by its very nature discusses many of these issues including global economics and gender equity (economic status).For example, EC201 Principles of Macroeconomics discusses the Differences in Unemployment between Men and Women and the Differences in Participation Rates in the Labor Forces between Men and Women and the economic impact of this change.In FN242 Personal Finance, the concept of inclusion is discussed, i.e. the importance of every person establishing both credit histories and investment strategies.Women, just as men, need to become financially savvy.Additionally, the courses in geography, government, labor history and business/government/society cover global perspectives and multi-cultural issues.


  1. Section 2, part f.(Assessment).Assessment, in addition to experiences gained through the content courses.These assessments include student scores on the MFT (Major Field Test as described above), student scores on the MTTC test (as described above), and preparedness to teach economic content in TE490 Economic Methods course.In addition, preservice students spend a minimum of 30 hours in observation at the secondary level in an economics class.


  1. Faculty Table.

Dr. John Erkkila, PhD Economics, concentration in Industrial Organization and Labor Economics.Reviewed the Economic State Standards to correlate LSSU economics courses.


Dr. Gary Johnson.Developed the PR/PE in Political Science matching LSSU political science courses with State Standards.


Prof. Gerald Root, MBA, Retired CFO:CFA (Certified Financial AdvisoróTest Grader), Finance


In the comments section, a few comments require response.Economics faculty do have some knowledge of K-12 Curriculum. Dr. Erkkila reviewed the new State Standards and both Dr. Erkkila and Prof. Root review the test scores from both the MFT and the MTTC.In the future, both faculty will be provided more information regarding Economics education at the secondary level.


In Section 7, standard 1.5 the course meeting this requirement EC201 Principles of Microeconomics is now correctly identified in the standard (replacing EC202).


Thank you for catching the course title error between EC201 and EC202.The preparer regrets this error and the correction has been made on the Master.


Linda Schmitigal, Preparer

Chair, School of Business, Economics, and Legal Studies