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5 Feb 2005


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Please include all faculty teaching the courses shown on the Summary of Course Requirements for Specialty Program (Application Attachment 3), including those who may be temporary or non-tenure stream. 


Faculty Member


Degree in this Specialty Area, Indicating

Study Focus and Research Area

Professional Development Experience in the Last

3 Years

Familiarity with

K-12 Curriculum

Framework and

MEAP Assessment

Special Awards and Recognition

P-12 Collaborative Work

CH115/116 General Chemistry I/II, CH362 Physical Chemistry II

Alexei Iretski

Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry. Institute of Technology, St. Petersburg (Russia). “Complex Compounds of Rhodium(I) with Nitrogen- and Sulfur-containing Ligands

Visiting Assistant Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA. May-August 2003. Topic of Research – “Ionic liquids as Green Media for Catalyzed Reactions”


Visiting Assistant Professor at University of California Santa Barbara. May-August 2004. Topic of Research – “Design of Photoactivated NO sensor”


Research Opportunity Award from the NSF, Summer 2004.


CH231 Quantitative Analysis






Barbara Keller


Inorganic Chemistry,

Montana State Univ.

“Studies of the Solution Chemistry in the Oxidation Reaction to Produce the One-Dimensional Partially Oxidized Bis(oxalate)platinate polymers”


Attended a week long training course in ICPMS instrumentation sponsored by Agilent Technologies 2003


Attended the Midwest Environmental Chemistry Workshop at the Univ. of Minnesota 2002


Appointed Chair, Dept. of Chemistry & Env. Sciences in Fall 2002


Received the LSSU “Distinguished Teacher” award for 2001/2002 school year

Conducted collaborative research with the Intermediate School District & Cedarville High School science students and faculty to evaluate beach coliform levels- EPA funded environmental education grant.


Conducted collaborative research with the Intermediate School District and Pickford High School and Rudyard High School science students and faculty to evaluate the impact that following wells are having on the Munuscong River watershed- EPA funded environmental education grant

CH115 General Chem. I, CH116 General Chemistry II, TE443 Science Methods for Secondary Teachers

David Myton

Ph.D. Environmental Sciences & Resources/Chemistry, Portland State University  (OR).  “Development and Applications of High Resolution Kinetic Atmospheric Pressure Ionization Mass Spectrometry in Atmospheric Chemistry”

NES exam committee for chemistry MTTC, spring 2004


Institutional chemistry program review committee for MDE PR/PE, spring 2004.


Attendance 18th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education and Michigan Science Teacher conference


ACS Exam Committee member for Chemistry in Context 2004

Authored elementary science review chapter for REA, Inc.  Resource book titled:  Best Exam Preparation for the MTTC.  Participation in EUPISD training, fall teacher conferences, DARTEP, Michigan Deans Council, and MACTE meetings.

Appointed Chair, School of Education, January 2003.


Teacher certification in Oregon for mathematics K-12; and chemistry, integrated science and physics grades 5-12. 

MASER team member for EUP, training through SVSU


Presentations to local schools on Career day (Pickford, Brimley, Rudyard) on science and education



CH225 Organic Chemistry I

 Judy A. Westrick

Ph.D. University of Colorado, boulder.  "Time-resolved Photoacoustic Calorimetry of Myoglobin"

 Attended Water Quality and Technology Conference, Organized and Moderated Algal Workshop, San Antonio TX Nov 2004


Regional Forensic Science Conference Orlando FL  Sept 2004


Attended Water Quality and Technology Conference, Seattle WA  Nov 2002


Awarded a NSF Fellowship: Forensic Science Workshop Williams College MA  June 2004



Presentation in Detroit Metro School on the Importance of Undergraduate Research Nov 2003

Presentation at Alpena College High School Career Days.  Feb. 2003

Organize judging for local school science fair, 2002-2004

Organize and develop curriculum for 21st century grant Chemistry and Forensic Science summer camps. 2002-2004


CH451, Introductory Biochemistry, CH226, Organic Chemistry II, CH105, Life Chemistry II

Marshall Werner

Ph.D.  Chemistry, University of Maryland College Park. “Mechanistic Probes of oligosaccharyltransferase and peptide:N-glycanase

Attendance at National ACS conference, Boston 2002.



Prepharmacy advising to local high school.


CH361 Physical Chemistry I: Thermodynamics

 David Szlag


Ph.D. Environmental Engineering. Dissolution of Nonaqueous Phase Liquids in Heterogeneous Porous Media. University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

Research Area:  Watershed modeling and environmental chemistry


Visiting Scientist USEPA-ORD Cincinnati, June 2002.


Developing a Shared Understanding of the Value of Assessing Student Learning; The Higher Learning Commission, American Association for Higher Education, October 23-25, 2003 Lisle, IL.



science fair judge




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