Form XX

Summary of Course Requirements for Specialty Program



Lake Superior State University


04 FEB 05 (Revised Aug06)


Specialty Program:

Elementary Integrated Science - DI

Program Standards:

State Board of Education

Standards Date:



Program Contact Person(s):

David M. Myton


DIRECTIONS:  On the matrix below, list the required courses for this specialty program.  Also, indicate the number of electives and any special considerations that apply.  In addition to listing the course title, course number, and course semester hours, please indicate whether the course is required for the secondary major or minor, elementary major or minor, the K-12 major or minor, and/or an endorsement.

Course Title Course Number



Elementary Major Elementary Minor



Physical and Historical Geology I

GE 121

(expanded objectives for GE 121-122)

4 X X X

Physical Geography: Meteorology and Climatology  or



GG 108

(w/ lab)


NS 116


4 X X X
Astronomy NS 119 4 X --- ---
Field Biology BL107 3 X X X
General Biology I BL131 4 X X X
General Biology II BL132 4 X --- ---
Conceptual Physics NS101  (lab) 4 X X X
Chemistry in Society NS110

Expanded NS110 syllabus Aug06

4 X X X
Intro to Environmental Science NS103 and LAB104

Expanded NS103 Syllabus Aug06

4 X X X
Life Chemistry II  CH105  4 X --- ---
Science Methods for Elementary  TE421

Expanded TE421 syllabus

2 X X X
Principals Statistical Methods MA207 -new 3 X X X

Total number of SEMESTER HOURS required for each option offered:

*If the institution assigns a different type of credit, please convert to semester hours.


    44 32 32



Provide descriptions of all courses contained on the above listing.  Descriptions must provide enough information to show that standards could logically be met in these courses