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                                           MICHIGAN STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION

                                         PERIODIC REVIEW/PROGRAM EVALUATION




Institution:___Lake Superior State University_________________  Date:____February 5, 2005_________


Specialty Studies Program:_____Physical Science____


Program Standards:___State Board of Education____  Standards Date:____August 8, 2002_________


Program Contact Person(s):____Dr. David Myton____________________________________________







Course Title




Hours *

  Secondary Comprehensive Major Secondary Major Secondary Minor K-12 Major K-12 Minor Endors.

General Chemistry I

CH115 5   X X       X
General Chemistry II CH116 4   X X       X
Organic Chemistry I CH225 4   X          
Organic Chemistry II CH226 4   X          
Biochemistry I CH451 4   X          
Life Chemistry II (Organic & Biochemistry) CH105 4     X       X
Quantitative Analysis CH231 4   X X       X
Instrumental Analysis CH332 4   X X       X
Chemistry Electives - Does not meet a specific standard CH 3   X          
Elements of Physics I PH221 4   X X       X
Elements of Physics II PH222 4   X X       X

Physical Chemistry I

CH361 4 X X X
Physical Chemistry II CH362 3   X X       X
Adv. Inorganic/Physical Chemistry Lab CH462 1 X X X
Physics Electives - Does not meet a specific standard PH 3   X          
Secondary Science Methods TE443 3   X X       X

Total Number of SEMESTER HOURS required for each option offered: * If the institution assigns a different type of  credit, please convert to semester hours.

  54 40       40



Please provide descriptions (course descriptions and course syllabi - linked above) for all courses contained on the above listing. Descriptions must provide enough information to show that standards could logically be met in these courses.

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