Application Attachment 5

Instructional Faculty



Lake Superior  State University



December 1, 2006


Specialty Program:

French  (FA)


Certification/Endorsement CODE:



Please include all faculty teaching the courses shown on the Summary of Course Requirements for Specialty Program (Application Attachment 3), including those who may be temporary or non-tenure stream. 


Faculty Member


Degree in this Specialty Area, Indicating

Study Focus and Research Area

Professional Development Experience in the Last

3 Years


Special Awards and Recognition

P-12 Collaborative Work

FREN 351

FREN 352

FREN 353

FREN 354


FREN 355

FREN 356


FREN 360

Dr. Marcel  E. Pichot


Romance Languages & Literatures

StudyTours to France (2002-2003-2004)


Presentations at Michigan Academy of Science, Arts & Letters :

    François Maurac, Prophète Intégriste  (2003)

     L’Interpellation de Soi-Même: Un Aspect Insolite du Style de Montaigne  (2004)


Advisor for Hopkins Institute of Language,

5 rue de Charonne, 75011

Paris, France













FREN 370

Dr. Marcel E. Pichot


Islamic Studies

Four presentations for the Lake Superior Elders on the subject of: Understanding Islam

9/24;10/1,15, 23, 2003.


Exhibit of Islamic, African & Malagasy Art in Gallery of Kenneth Shouldice Library,  Lake Superior State University

(June/July 2001 and January 2005)





FREN 460

Dr. Marcel E. Pichot


Romance Languages & Literatures

Advisor for study abroad program at Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour






Dr. Lisa Morgan


Teaching, Curriculum, and Educational Policy Michigan State University 2005

MS-ED TOESL California State UniversityFullerton 1990

US State Department, Office of English Language Programs Educational and Cultural Affairs Office  with assignments in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Albania, Croatia, Palestine, Kigali

Teaching pre-service teachers at Aquinas and MSU, attending MDE World Language Training

TOESL trainer

U.S. State Department English Language Fellows Program – Albania


U.S. Peace Corps, Albania – Institute for Pedagogical Research, Tirana












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