Form XX:  Revised February 15, 2000                          Certification/Endorsement CODE:    FA  



                                           MICHIGAN STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION

                                         PERIODIC REVIEW/PROGRAM EVALUATION





Institution:       LAKE SUPERIOR STATE UNIVERSITY               Date:    December 1, 2006


Specialty Studies Program:        FRENCH   (FA)


Program Standards: Standards for the Preparation  of Teachers of World Language  Date: April and May 2004


Program Contact Person(s):   Dr. Marcel E. Pichot


DIRECTIONS:  On the matrix below, list the required courses for this specialty studies program.  Also, indicate the number of electives and any special considerations that apply.  In addition to listing the course title, course number, and course semester hours, please indicate whether the course is required for the secondary major or minor, elementary major or minor, the K-12 major or minor, and/or an endorsement.

Elementary Secondary Endorsement
Course Title




Semester Hours Major Minor Major Minor Elementary Secondary
Advanced Conversation & Composition I FREN 351 3 X X X X X X
Advanced Conversation & Composition II FREN 352 3 X X X X X X
Survey of French Literature I FREN 355 3 X X X X X X
Survey of French Literature II FREN 356 3 X X X X X X
Business French I FREN 353 3 X X
Business French II FREN 354 3 X X
French Cultural Perspectives FREN 360 4 X X X X X X
The Francophone World I FREN 370 4 X X X X X X

Directed Academic & Cultural Immersion

(Study Abroad)

FREN 460 6 X X
Theories and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages in the K-1 2 Classroom


EDUC447 4 X X X X X X

Total Number of SEMESTER HOURS required for each option offered:



36 24 36 24 24 24

 Effective with the fall of 2006 the university changed all course rubrics from two-digit to 4-digit.  Under the new system courses formerly identified as FR are labeled FREN from the French language curriculum, and courses in the professional education sequence were changed from TE to EDUC.


Please provide descriptions for all courses contained on the above listing. Descriptions must provide enough information to show that standards could logically be met in these courses.