Lake Superior State University

FR 353 Business French I

Fall 2004


Course Description:


An initiation into the language skills for use in business  situations in a French-speaking environment.  A conversational approach with systematic oral and written practice from authentic documents.





Help student acquire the  basic terminology for common everyday life business/economics function pertaining to a global perspective within a francophone environment.  Student will learn to express themselves and to write with clarté et précision, using the appropriate formulation and concise maturity of  professionalism.





The course will develop around three complementary activities:  (1) A general view on commercial life and the fundamental activities of the enterprise (material read and commented in class; assigned exercises);  (2) initiation to commercial correspondence (letter writing); (3) case studies and analysis of French enterprises from audio-visual documents (in class, group exercises); (4) a final examination consisting in solving two enterprise activity problems and writing a commercial letter.




                                                R.-J. Berg, Parlons affaires! Thompson-Heinle, Boston, 1999.

                                                Claude Le Ninan, Le français des affaires, Didier/Hatier, Paris, 1993.




                                                            Attendance & participation                               20%

                                                            Enterprise activities exercises                            20%

                                                            Correspondance                                               20%

                                                            Case-studies                                                     20%

                                                            Final examination                                              20%




Disability Services and Accommodation for Students:


              In compliance with Lake Superior State University policy and equal access laws, disability-related accommodations or services are available.  Students who desire such services are to meet with the professor in a timely manner, preferably the first week of class, to discuss their disability-related needs.  Students will not receive services until they register with the Resource Center for Students with Disabilities (RCSD).  Proper registration will enable the RCSD to verify the disability and determine reasonable academic accommodations.  RCSD is located in South Hall Office 206.  The telephone number is (906) 635-2454.


Academic Misconduct:


              Scholastic misconduct may be cause for a failing grade, and information may be placed about the incident in the student’s permanent file in the Office of Academic Affairs.  Scholastic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating on assignments or examinations, plagiarizing, misrepresenting work, or interfering with someone else’s work.


                                                                          Instructor:       Dr. Marcel E. Pichot

                                                                          Office:             Library 318

                                                                          Hours:             Wednesdays 9-12 then 1:00-2:00

                                                                          Telephone:      (906) 635-2118