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 February 6, 2007


The School of Business and Economics has continued to refine and revise the program application in the intervening months and submits the following changes in response to the reviewer comments from August, 2006.  We sincerely believe that the documentation is now complete and accurately reflects a program application which addresses the standards for the preparation of teachers in the field of Business, Management, Marketing and Technology.  We appreciate the work of the reviewers to assist in this process. 

  • BMMT (GQ) Program Application for Business, Management, Marketing and Technology

  • The BMMT Standards Matrix has been significantly expanded to reflect and reference specific assignments and assessments from the course syllabi.  Course syllabi remain hyperlinked to the document to facilitate cross-references.  The matrix was updated to reflect the new course requirements which addressed the equal distribution between the four content areas: Business, Management, Marketing and Technology

  • Form XX for the BMMT program has been revised to reflect the addition of Principles of Accounting II, and MK388 Retail Marketing and to correct the number of hours required in both the comprehensive major and endorsement programs to reflect a total of 62 semester credits.  The narrative was expanded to more clearly reflect the program requirements. The narrative and forms are modified to indicate that this is a COMPREHENSIVE major.  (corrections in BOLD added to this narrative 10oct2007)

  • The course title for DP261 Multimedia Applications has been corrected in multiple locations, including the program narrative, Form XX and the Standards Matrix


Record of Reviewer Comments: 

Respectfully Submitted, 

David Myton

Chair, School of Education (906) 635-2349

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February 12, 2006


Dear Specialty Program Reviewers, 


Attached are the revisions as requested by the review committee.  These revisions reflect the three changes requested by the committee.  I appreciate the opportunity to have this proposal reviewed again by the committee.

Thank you!
Linda Schmitigal, Chair
School of Business, Economics, and Legal Studies
Lake Superior State University
Sault Ste. Marie, MI


The following files are provided as a part of the February 2006 revisions:

TO:                  GQ Program Review Committee


FROM:            Linda Schmitigal, Chair, School of Business , Economics, and Legal Studies


DATE:             November 23, 2005


SUBJECT:       Program Review response


Please note that as requested an additional accounting course (AC133 Principles of Accounting II)  has been added as well as an additional marketing course (MK388 Retail Management).  When added to the program, these additional seven credits increase the total credits for the program to 62.  Considering this large number of credits, wed like to be considered only for the comprehensive group major instead of the 36 hour group major.


Additionally, included in this file are the course syllabi for AC133 and MK388.  Modifications to both formXX and the GQ content standards to include these two courses have been completed and included in the file.


TE446, Business Education Methods for Secondary Teachers, has been added to formXX.  The syllabus was previously submitted but the course number inadvertently left off formXX; this has been corrected.


September 7, 2005

The School of Business appreciates the comments and suggestions offered in the review of our proposal for a specialty program under the standards for Business Management Marketing and Technology (GQ).  We address the reviewer's comments in the narrative below.  In addition, revised versions of the standards matrix and the Form XX have been posted on the PR/PE website:

GQ Program Evaluation Response to Reviewers

GQ Revised Form XX

GQ Revised Content Standards

Linda Schmitigal, Preparer

Chair, School of Business, Economics, and Legal Studies