Redefining the Classroom


Mr. Benjamin Southwell, Manager

Student Employees 2015

Ms. Jane Newman

  • Major: Forensic Chemistry / Biochemistry


Ms. Amanda Love

  • Major: Chemistry

Ms. Deidre Lentz

  • Major: Chemistry

Mr. John "Alex" Westenbarger

  • Major: Chemistry

Former Student Employees

Mr. Christopher Gravatt

  • Major: Environmental Chemistry

Mr. Brandon Yanni

  • Major: Chemistry


Ms. Emma Fowler

  • Major: Fisheries and Wildlife

Ms. Elaina Murray

  • Major: Biology and Biochemistry
  • Graduated Spring 2013
  • Thesis: "Optimization of Salmon DNA as an Internal Standard for qPCR"
  • Current: Pursuing a PhD in Molecular Biology at Texas A&M University

Mr. Jordan Burton

  • Major: Chemistry
  • Graduated Fall 2013
  • Thesis: "Thin-Film Hydride Generation ICP-MS Analysis of Ag"
  • Current: Chemist ExxonMobil

Ms. Allissa Haney

  • Major: Forensic Chemistry
  • Graduated Spring 2014
  • Thesis: "Purification and crystallization of biphenyl dioxygenase enzyme (BphAE)"
  • Current: Pursuing a PhD in Biochemistry at Indiana University Bloomington