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Advanced Placement Credit Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Advanced Placement?
The Advanced Placement Program is a nationally accredited testing program composed of college-level courses and exams for secondary school students. Lake Superior State University does offer credit to students whose Advanced Placement examination grades are considered acceptable.

Where can i find out about taking Advanced Placement courses and exams?
Your principal, department chair, teacher, counselor, or Advanced Placement coordinator can inform you about Advanced Placement course offerings at your school. You don't have to take an Advanced Placement course to take an Advanced Placement exam, but to prepare you should be sure your study fits the appropriate Advanced Placement course description. Exams are offered in May, but earlier registration is necessary. Further information about Advanced Placement can be received by writhing to:

Advanced Placement Program
P.O. Box 6671
Princeton, NJ 08541-6671

What grades do i need to have on my Advanced Placement exams to receive credit at LSSU?
The College Board grade of 3 or higher on an individual exam is required for a student to receive LSSU credit in accordance with the chart located below.

What exams receive credit at LSSU?
If a score of 3-5 is achieved on any Advanced Placement exam listed on the chart, the student will receive the number of semester hours of credit specified on the chart after being granted unconditional admission to Lake Superior State University .

How do I get my Advanced Placement scores to LSSU?
You may be able to have your Advanced Placement exam scores sent to LSSU when you register to take an Advanced Placement exam, when you receive your score, or by writing to Advanced Placement Program.

May I transfer my Advanced Placement credits once they have been received at LSSU?
Advanced Placement scores are always kept on file by the College Board. Therefore, you can request them sent to another school if you decide to transfer. Granting credits for Advanced Placement exams is always the prerogative of the institution to which you transfer.

Where do I inquire at LSSU to determine if my Advanced Placement credits have been granted?
LSSU's Admissions Office will help you determine if your test reports have been received at LSSU, and whether your scores were acceptable for credit. The Registrar's Office will help you determine if the credit has been posted on your official record at LSSU, and exactly how much credit you will receive.

Lake Superior State University
Testing /Academic Services

650 West Easterday Avenue Sault Ste. Marie , MI 49783
Telephone: 906-635-2452

Advanced Placement Listing of Courses

Advanced Placement Exam

LSSU Course Equivalents

LSSU Credit Hours

American Govern & Politics

POLI 110
Art - History of Art
ARTS 250, 251
Art- Studio Art-Drawing or General
ARTS 110, 111
Biology BIOL 131,132 8
Calculus AB MATH 112 4
Calculus BC MATH 151, 152 8
Chemistry CHEM 115, 116 9
Comparative Govern & Politics POLI 331 3
Computer Science A CSCI 319 3
Computer Science AB CSCI 121, 201 6
English - Language & Composition ENGL 110, 111 6
English - Literature& Composition ENGL 110, 111 6
Environmental Science (No Lab) NSCI 103 3
Environmental Science (With Lab) NSCI 103, 104 4
European History HIST 102 4
French Literature FREN 355, 356 6
French Language FREN 351, 352 6
German Language GRMN 241, 242 8
Human Geography GEOG 201 4
Latin No Credit Given 0
Macroeconomics ECON 201 3
Microeconomics ECON 202 3
Music - Listening & Literature MUSC 220 4
Music - Theory No Credit Given 0
Physics B PHYS 221, 222 8
Physics C PHYS 231, 232 8
Physics C: Mechanics PHYS 231 4
Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism PHYS 232 4
Psychology PSYC 101 4
Spanish Language SPAN 261, 262 6
Spanish Literature SPAN 380, 381 6
Statistics Math 207 3
United States Government & Politics POLI 110 4
United States History HIST 131, 132 8
World History HIST 101, 102 8