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Carolyn E. (McCullough) Powrozek

I work for an environmental and engineering consulting firm with offices all over the world.  Right now, I am being trained to manage some of our hydrogeologic and groundwater statistical monitoring programs for several landfills. Golder provides services in a variety of areas, including mining, oil and natural gas, power, water resource management, land development, waste management, and more.

Carolyn E. (McCullough) Powrozek 
Golder Associates Inc.
Wixom, Michigan


Dual Enrollment Program for High School Students - Detailed Overview


To apply for High School Dual Enrollment status, the parent or guardian of a student who is attending high school and wishes to take a course(s) at Lake Superior State University must complete the Dual or Concurrent Enrollment Request Form. This form is available on this web site (click here), the Admissions Office, or your high school guidance office. Your high school needs to complete Part II of the form and sign it. The form should then be returned to the Admissions Office at LSSU.

To ensure that a students' experience at Lake Superior State University will enhance his/her high school performance, we ask that students work with their high school guidance counselor or principal to avoid any conflict with regular schoolwork while attending classes at LSSU.

Attendance as a High School Dual Enrollee does not constitute admission to a four-year degree program. We welcome students to apply early in their senior year for a major of their choice.

Student Eligibility

Eligible students are those who are in grade 11 or 12, are enrolled in a least 1 high school course, and who have passed these four subject areas of the MME: Mathematics, Science, Reading, and Writing. The student who did not pass in all areas is still eligible to take courses only in the areas in which they have received endorsements. Both 11th and 12th graders are eligible to take courses within subjects for which there are no endorsements, such as philosophy, religion, psychology, sociology, anthropology, computer science, fine arts, and/or foreign language courses not offered by the district, as long as they have taken all sections of the MME. State endorsement is not required in any specific area for this participation. Grade point average is not a determining factor in eligibility to enroll. Please note that Canadian high school students are not eligible for the dual enrollment program. Students with dual citizenship are eligible for concurrent enrollment, which requires the student to pay for all costs associated with coursework.

Registration for Courses

Registration will be coordinated by the Admissions Office in conjunction with the Registrar's Office, once a student has completed the required form and has been approved as a Dual Enrollee.

Eligible Courses

There are no limitations regarding which courses a student may take as part of the Dual Enrollment Program. The school district is not obligated to support a course that is offered by the school, but is obligated if that course is not available to the student because of a scheduling conflict. Courses that are hobby craft or recreational, a course that is in the areas of physical education, theology, divinity or religious education are not eligible for tuition support. However, changes in the law in 2001 provides a wider variety of options to high school students by encouraging and enabling qualified students to enroll in courses or programs in career and technical preparation programs. Each school district provides general information about the career and technical preparation enrollment options under this act to all students in grade 8 or higher, as is currently provided for AP and dual enrollment.


There are no deadlines for enrolling in this program. However, keep in mind that LSSU courses are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If there are not enough students interested in a course, that course may be cancelled for the semester they are enrolled in. It is the student’s responsibility to know the important dates each semester for such items as the last day to drop a course, class breaks, etc. An Important Dates calendar is available at

Costs and Payments

The student's tuition and mandatory course fees, including technology fee, materials fees, registration fees and any late fees charged by LSSU will be paid by the school district. Eligible charges do not include books, transportation, parking costs or most activity fees. However, under the law, the total mount of tuition and fees support shall not exceed either of the following: 1) the total amount of the tuition and fees for the course(s) or 2) the sum of the state portion of the district's foundation allowance, per membership pupil, adjusted for the proportion of the school year that the student attends the post secondary institution.

Lake Superior State University will send a bill to your school district detailing the eligible charges for each eligible course. The student is responsible for any charges not covered. If a dually enrolled student does not complete the courses, any applicable refund of funds will be forwarded to the school district.

Continuing Enrollment Eligibility

In order to enroll in subsequent semesters as a High School Dual Enrollee, students must submit a new Dual or Concurrent Enroll Request Form to their high school guidance office and the LSSU Office of Admissions for each semester.

Checklist for Success

Once you've enrolled in the program, please review the Checklist for Success (pdf) for additional information on accessing your My.LSSU student account, purchasing textbooks, obtaining a parking permit, and important dates throughout the fall 2013 semester.

Impact in the real world...

Rachel Claucherty-Arnold

Rachel Claucherty-Arnold
Environmental Health

What made Rachel's Lake Superior State experience so unique was the practical research she did with top-notch faculty.

"I really enjoyed working with environmental chemistry professor Judy Westrick and biologist Deb Stai," Rachel says. "For my senior project, we evaluated a lab method for cultivating a fungus that causes infections in humans."

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