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Transfer Student Helpful Tips

Plan Ahead

Be aware of admission requirements and apply early!

Consult with your Academic or Faculty Advisor at both your current campus and LSSU as you plan your coursework each semester!

For students transferring from Michigan Community Colleges and Sault College we highly recommend using the LSSU Transfer Equivalency web site, as it will give you all the details you need for transferring courses.

The importance of transcripts

Transcripts allow you, the Admissions staff and faculty to view how courses may transfer to LSSU. Transcripts may also allow for unofficial transfer credit evaluations to take place, even before you apply for admission. When used with the academic plans made for you by an academic advisor, transcripts can give you a clear direction of where you are in comparison to where you need to be.

Knowing who to talk to and where to look

Guidance and Admissions counselors are valuable assets in speeding up the transfer process. At LSSU, we have a transfer student admissions advisor to assist you. The course catalog is another resource made readily available to prospective transfer students.

The catalog outlines academic programs and give course descriptions that will help you plan your transfer and decide which courses you need to take.

You will find our transfer student information, as well as articulation agreements and course-to-course equivalencies, at

Credit evaluations and course equivalencies

An official evaluation of your transfer credit is made as quickly as possible after you are admitted. The admissions office will help you with an unofficial transcript review at your request.

If a course taken at another institution is not offered at LSSU, general credit may be granted for that course. Elective credits may be applied toward degree requirements, but may not be used to satisfy any specific course requirements.

Grades less than a C- will not transfer.

There is no limit to the number of transfer credits allowed from other institutions. Bachelor’s degree candidates must earn at least 32 credits and at least 50% of their department-required 300/400 level credits in LSSU courses.

Associate’s degree and certificate candidates must earn 16 of their final 20 credits in LSSU courses.

For more information regarding credit evaluations and course equivalencies, please visit our website at

Know Your Program Requirements

Whether you've chosen a major or not, you'll need to learn what pre-requisites are necessary to declare a major in a particular subject and then what classes are needed to complete that major. Even in your first semester, it's never too early to start fulfilling major pre-requisites or requirements.

Each of the following programs has unique admission/application requirements, including a minimum GPA requirement. If you are considering any of these majors we strongly suggest that you learn about the admission requirements and process for gaining entry into these programs of study at the links provided below.

Be Aware of LSSU Policies and Procedures

All schools have different policies, procedures, and deadlines. Don’t assume LSSU has the same deadlines and policies as your previous school. The Registrar’s Office website has a list of important dates including: Add/Drop deadline, Drop deadline for all courses, Withdrawal deadline etc. All policies and procedures are outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog. Familiarize yourself with LSSU’s requirements. You are responsible for making sure you are on the right track.

All incoming students are required to attend an orientation session before attending LSSU. There is one date set specifically for transfer students, as well as other options in case you are unable to make the first session. You’ll find the dates on the Orientation website at

Know the Deadlines

LSSU does not have an application deadline, but we encourage you to apply early. You will automatically be considered for a scholarship if your application is received by March 1. You must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) prior to March 1 for the fall semester.

Submit Financial Aid Application

Financial aid does not transfer, so you need to make sure that Lake Superior State University receives a copy of your financial aid application.

The LSSU school code is 002293.

If you are a mid-year transfer, make sure that your prior school cancels your second semester financial aid.

Submit your academic transcript as soon as possible so your financial aid is awarded using the correct number of credits.

For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office at LSSU.

Ask Questions

If you have trouble with the transfer process, let those who can help you know! Contact your LSSU Academic Advisor or the Admissions Office for help!

Take responsibility and inquire about assignments, requirements, policies, and procedures. Learn for yourself, not through the grapevine!