Redefining the Classroom
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The Family and Friends of Clara R. Noyes
Richard and Theresa Barch
Edison Sault Electric Company - A Wisconsin Energy Company
Robert and Lorraine Arbuckle
Robert and Bonnie Arfstrom - Arfstrom Pharmacies, Inc.
Tony and Ethel Autore
Ethel Hill Berklund
Meg and Paul Brown
Shan-Lien (Tokyo) Chen
Brenda and Ted Frey
Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation
David and Patricia Hubbard
Roberts P. and Ella B. Hudson Foundation
Madigan/Pingatore Insurance Services
Richard and Sarah Morrison
Walter and Sally North
Henry Norvell - In memory of Ruth Norvell
Thomas and Harriette Robinson
Clarence G. and Mary Jane Bernier
Lynn Hyatt Brown and Robert Stefanski
Kevin and Pamela Cooper
Kenneth and Frances Finlayson
First National Bank of St. Ignace
Grand Hotel of Mackinac Island
William R. and Mary Louise Gregory
Richard and Lillian Jennings
John Lehman and Maureen Delaney-Lehman
Dr. Betty Pritchett Light - In memory of Dr. Kenneth F. Light
Alice R. McCarthy, Ph.D.
Tad and Brenda Malpass
Carol and William Martynuck
Charles Payment
Devereaux and Katherine Trepp
A. Gardner and Patricia Brown Watson
Tracy and Michael West

Have a Seat Appeal

Robert G. Andersen
Robert and Lorraine Arbuckle
Leanne Balcueva
Al Beamish
Gary and Dolores Benjamin
Heather Benjamin
James and Rosemary Blashill
Patricia C. Claxton
Kevin and Pamela Cooper
Gilbert and Ayako Cowan
John and Mary Crawford
John C. Cullen
Cindy and Chris Dingell
David Eitland and Katheryn King
Paul N. Franquist
Lawrence and Mary Futchik
Robert C. Gaertner
Mary Byrd Hann
Bruce and Linda Harger
Cynthia and Clarence Holman
Mr. Michael N. Isham
Mark and Kari Jastorff
Holly and Michael Johnson
Robert and Patricia Kjolhede
Dennis Klebba and Cheryl Mayer
KPMG Foundation
Rodney and JoEllen Lang
John Lehman and Maureen Delaney-Lehman
Betty Pritchett Light
Frederick and Barbara Ludwig
Louis and Mae Lukenda
Robert and Amy Madsen
Ann and Mario Marinoni
John and Arnett Maurer
Professor James W. Moody
Charles and Margaret Nairn
Walter and Sally North
Henry and Ruth Norvell
Linda Noyes
Nursing Legacy - Classes of 1975-80
John O. Ramsey
William H. Risteen
David and Jacqueline Saunders
Emily Selden Collins
Patrick and MaryAnne Shannon
Truman R. Strobridge
Devereaux and Katherine Trepp
Betty J. Youngblood