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House Sound and Stage Audio System

Front of House

1- Crest X-Eight 40-Channel HS Dual Function Console
1- Lexicon MPX – 550 Sound Processor
1- Alesis ML - 9600 Masterlink Disk Recorder
1- Sony MDS– E12 Mini Disc Recorder
1- T.C. Electronic M-One XL Dual Signal Processor
1- Behringer Multicom Pro MDX4400 Compressor/Limiter
1- DBX 166XL Compressor/Limiter/Gate
3- DBX 1231 Dual Channel 31-Band Equalizers

The front of house console and portable equipment racks containing off board gear can be moved to a location mid house center.

House Main Loudspeakers, Subwoofers, Amplification

Device amplification for front of house is provided by QSC – CX series 1202, 1102, 902, two channel amplifiers. A Peavey MediaMatrix X-Frame 88 digital signal processor is used for geographic signal distribution.

An EV loudspeaker and subwoofer system is hung overhead in front of the stage main curtain at house center, left and right. Ground fills and subwoofers are installed along the lower front edge of the stage apron.

Sound processing, recording /playback devices are accessed and tied into the amplification system through a whirlwind patch bay installed in a portable equipment rack. A whirlwind patch bay and dmx inputs are installed in a stationary equipment rack located backstage. A wireless microphone system, more recording/playback devices, a 14 channel line mixer and an audio/video signal switcher are also located in the backstage equipment rack.

Backstage Rack

1-Mackie 14 Channel Line Mixer
1-Panasonic Double Feature Dvd/Vcr Deck
1- Sony Uhf Synthesized Wireless Microphone System
1-Tascam Cd-Rw2000
1-Extron System 7sc –Switcher With Scaler

Luminaries, Equipments & Accessories


2 - Lycian M2 1200W or 2500W HMI Modular Fallow Spotlights
Colortran Innovator 600 Lighting Console 48 Channels 24 Sub Masters With Dual Color Monitors and (limited) Automated Device Capabilities
1 - Hand Held Remote
161 Lighting circuits (124 accessible from catwalk system, 20 at stage level, 17 in various auditorium locations) each powered by a 2.4kw dimmer module

*All Dimmers are 120 V


Colortran Conventional Stage Lighting Fixtures
Please contact Arts Center Director Spencer D. Christensen for a current inventory of stage lighting fixtures.

All stage lighting fixtures are complete with color frame holders, safety cables with standard 3 pin male electrical stage adapters.

The house lighting system can be run from three locations; downstage left at stage manager’s call desk, a location near mid house by the production work table area, and in the lighting booth at the rear of the auditorium.

Tie ins are located throughout the overhead catwalks and other key lighting positions to access the Colortran Dimmer Network by hand held remote.


Projection Surfaces

1-Draper Custom 20’ X 40’ Seamless Vinyl – Front Projection Surface On Motorized Cylinder
1-Rosco 20’x 60’ Powder Blue Cyclorama – Front/Rear Cloth Surface
1-Rosco BLACK Sharks Tooth Scrim – Front/Rear Semi-Transparent Cloth

Projector & Cameras

1-Sanyo PLC-XF35n/Nl XGA Multimedia Projector

Record & Playback Equipment

1-Panasonic PV-D4742/PV-D4752 DVD/VCR
1-JVC HR S9911U VHS Player/Recorder

Panasonic digital cameras are mounted in two locations. One at the rear of the auditorium and one in the orchestra pit. The Sanyo projector is mounted down center mid house for front projection only.

System tie ins are located house left, right, mid center with locations on the over head catwalks. A patch bay located in an equipment rack located in Tech booth makes combining audio and video gear easy.