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5 x 7 Art Show Fundraiser


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About the Event

Sunrise Rotary Club has partnered with the Lake Superior State University Arts Center Gallery for the 5 x 7 Art Show Fundraiser.  Works of art are requested of artists in all forms of media on a 5 X 7 canvas…think paintings, drawings, fabric, photography and mixed media for the juried show and fundraiser on April 24, 2015 - May 29, 2015 in the Arts Center Art Gallery.

The official opening of the art show will be on

April 24, 2015
in the
Arts Center Art Gallery

The preview reception that includes music, hors d’oeuvres, and cash bar.

The reception is from 6:00-8:00 p.m. when those in attendance will have the first opportunity to view and purchase these original works of art for $50.00.

The artist’s name will be hidden on all artwork until it is revealed at the end of the show. The three best, as determined by a local panel of artists, will be awarded prizes – Best in Show: $300; 2nd Place $200; Third Place $100 at the preview reception.

Artist Information

Please make a small work for us! This is the second year of what we hope will grow into a premier annual event/fundraiser. Your participation makes a real difference! The proceeds from the sale of your generously donated original art will be shared equally for the good works of Rotary, locally and globally, such as third world water projects, youth, and literacy projects and the LSSU Arts Center Gallery for exhibition programming.

Please print and fill out the form below and mail or deliver with each finished piece to the

LSSU Arts Center Gallery during hours of operation OR
Mail to:
Sharon Dorrity
LSSU Foundation
650 W. Easterday Avenue
Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783

Gold Sponsors

Rotary Club of Sault Ste. Marie

Silver Sponsors

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What's the deadline?
A.  The deadline to register April 10th but we'll welcome early submissions.Artwork must be delivered by April 10th.

Q.  How do I submit work?
A. Your work can be delivered in person to the LSSU Arts Center Gallery during April 6 through April 10 from the hours of 11am to 4pm or mailed to Sharon Dorrity, LSSU Foundation, 650 W. Easterday Avenue, Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783 with the completed registration form.

Q.  Where does the money from the "sale" of my piece(s) go?
A.  Proceeds from the event will benefit LSSU Arts Center Gallery exhibition programming and support the Sunrise Rotary Club’s mission to include global clean water projects and local initiatives such as dictionaries for third graders, competitive swimming events, and winter family fun nights.

Q.  Will the artists find out who purchased their artwork?
A.  Not from LSSU. The buyer will receive a customer receipt with the artist's name and contact information. The buyer may then contact the artist. Due to the scale of this exhibition we are not able to provide the buyer's information to each artist.

Q. How will the work be sold?
A. All artwork will be showcased at the LSSU Arts Center Gallery, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan from April 24 – May 29 and sold for a set price. Name recognition is hidden on all artwork and will be displayed anonymously. The 5 x 7 Preview Reception will be held on Friday, April 24, 2015 - 6:00 – 8:00pm at the LSSU Arts Center where attendees will have the first opportunity to view and purchase an original work of art.

Q.  If my piece does not sell during the exhibition will I get it back?
A.  Unsold work may be sold, donated, or returned to the artist at the Rotary Club’s discretion.

Q.  Will all artworks be displayed?
A.  The Rotary Club has the right to refuse to display any work it feels is not appropriate.

Q.  Do I need an art background to submit artwork?
A.  No. We want everyone to participate.

Q.  Can I submit more than one piece?
A. Yes, there is no limit on the number of works an artist can submit 

Q.  Can my piece be 3D (three dimensional)?
A.  Yes, but it must be lightweight, free of loose media, and not protude more than an inch..

Q.  Can I submit metal, ceramic, or fabric works?
A.  Absolutely--any medium is welcome as long as we can hang it. Please keep in mind that it will be hanging by thumb tacks/push pins, so when creating the work, consider how to hang the work when you create it (hole, wire, backer, etc.). Also, consider mounting delicate works to a 5" x 7" paper, panel, or board. The finished work must also not protude any further than an inch.

Q.  I want to frame my pieces in wood frames, if I supply the hanging materials can I submit these works?
A.  No. The idea is to keep the works consistent and low cost for the artists. They can include a mat however with exact outside dimensions of 5" x 7".

Q.  Does 5"x7" include a border or mat? Can my piece be smaller than 5x7 inches?
A.  The external dimensions of the piece should be exactly 5x7 inches including border and mat. Smaller pieces may be mounted to 5" x 7" paper or board.

Q.  Can I submit a series?
A.  Of course. We cannot guarantee that the complete series will be installed together or in order, but we will try.

Q.  If the work is hung anonymously, will I receive any marketing benefits?
A.  We will be using artists’ names to market the event even though your work won't be labeled as such on the wall.

Q.  Can I sign my work?
A.  Only on the back, along with the title of the piece, the media, and an indication of the top.

Q.  Can I build a 5x7 video installation?
A.  No, but video and media based artists may submit a DVD in a 5" x 7" package.

Guidelines for the Exhibition

  • 2015 Theme: “JOY”
  • Work is due no later than Friday, April 10, 2015
  • There is no limit on the number of works an artist may submit
  • The artwork must be that of the registered artist
  • Artwork must be completed, dry, and free of loose media (i.e., no flaking or rubbing off)
  • Artwork must be unframed on a 5 X 7 canvas board provided by the artist or one will be provided upon request for any artist agreeing to donate a piece of art
  • Any media is acceptable but the work cannot extend beyond the 5 X 7 sides or protrude more than one inch
  • 3D work can be no higher than 7 inches including base. Base must be 5 x 7
  • Please do NOT write your name on the front of the work!! Please write on the BACK of the canvas: 1) Artist’s name 2) Title of work 3)art media 4) indicate the top of your work
  • The Rotary Club has the right to refuse to display any work it feels is not appropriate
  • The work will be juried with prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes with the sponsored purse for this purpose divided 50/30/20
  • The donated work will become the property of the Rotary Club and will be displayed for sale for one month at the LSSU Art Gallery
  • Unsold work may be sold, donated, or returned to the artist at the Rotary Club’s discretion
  • The Rotary Club has the right to use images of any work on advertising materials or publications including on digital media

2014 5x7 Art Show

For further information, please contact Sharon Dorrity, LSSU Arts Center Gallery manager at 906-635-2665 or



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