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Ustad Shafaat Khan

Date: October 9, 2014
Time: 7:30pm
Tickets: Adult: $18, Senior: $15, Student: $5

Ustad Shafaat Khan, world-renowned classical Indian musician, debuted at the age of 11 in the King's Lynn Festival opened by the Queen Mother. Since then he has performed worldwide at many prestigious concert halls, music festivals, universities in India, Pakistan, Japan, Russia, China, Malaysia, UK, Germany, France, and Italy, and other European countries. He has played at events that were inaugurated by numerous dignitaries, including Presidents and Primes Ministers of various countries around the world. He has shared a television performance with Ray Charles in Germany and recently performed alongside Stevie Wonder at the Bonaroo Festival — one of the largest music festivals in the United States. He has performed in almost all of the major cities in the US. Through his music he has helped raise money for various charitable purposes including concerts for world peace, flood victims, disabled children, battered women, and tsunami victims amongst other causes serving those who are in need.

Mr. Khan has distinguished himself by being the first known artist to attain simultaneous excellence in performing the Sitar, Surbahar, and Tabla. He has released three historic CDs produced by Dr. Deepak Chopra, in which he performed on the sitar/surbahar, and accompanied himself on the tabla, a first in Indian classical music. He performed his own composition "River of Strings" at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia with a western Symphony Orchestra.

Mr. Khan's musical heritage can be traced back to the 16th century to the court of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. He is the son of the legendary Sitar and Surbahar Maestro Ustad Imrat Khan and nephew of the legendary Ustad Vilayat Khan. In tabla, he is the foremost disciple of the widely respected Ustad Ibrahim Khan.

Mr. Khan was presented with the Professional Excellence Award for an outstanding musician, performer, and teacher, by the State of Pennsylvania.

What others are saying...

Virtuoso...Classical purity... astonishing individuality....Mr. Khan explored the rhythmic intricacies of percussive sound in a way that was both intellectual and poetic...creator as well as performer... – The Washington Post
Applause has never been a yardstick for success for Mr. Khan, the rising star in the world of classical music, but the thunderous ovation never ceased throughout his performance on the Tabla and Sitar at the Tagore Theatre here today. Chandigarh Tribune India
The Tabla accompaniment by Mr. Khan was absolutely superb...his bols and tukdas evoked spontaneous applause from his listeners. The Times London, England
The real driving power entered the performance when Shafaat's marvelous sfingers showed us the rhythmic complexity of the music and enthralled the audience. Cork Examiner, Ireland
...1998 also brought an initiation into Indian music at it's top level. Shafaat's Sitar/Tablas magic might still be going on, it was barley stoppable. The Shoestring in Pacem, USA
That night Mr. Khan impressed a crowd of more than 500 people with his musical talents with the Tabla and Sitar. His presence added a sense of history...any cliched ideas the audience may have had about Indian music quickly dissipated as Khan began playing. The Star Herald, USA
Mr. Khan gives a very lively performance and skillfully manages to steal the audience's attention toward him whenever he so desires. Bangladesh Observer
The mood of both pieces in which the Tabla player,Mr.Khan was involved was predominantly one point he could be heard echoing on the larger of his two drums the melodic ideas taught to him by his father, perfectly tuned simply by the pressure of his hands. The Times of India