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Academy for the Assessment of Student Learning

A project of the Higher Learning Commission

Lake Superior State University

The Academy for Assessment of Student Learning offers HLC member institutions a four-year sequence of events and interactions that are focused on student learning, targeted at accelerating and advancing efforts to assess and improve student learning, and designed to build institution-wide commitment to assessment of student learning.

Academy Documentation Index

  1. Academy Planning Documents V.1.0 - June 2012
  2. Periodic Reporting V.2.0 - February 2013
  3. Periodic Reporting V.3.0 - August 2013
  4. Periodic Reporting V.4.0 - February 2014
  5. Periodic Reporting V.5.0 - August 2014
  6. Periodic Reporting V.6.0 - February 2015
  7. Periodic Reporting V.7.0 - assessment activity summer/fall 2015
  8. Periodic Reporting V.8.0 - February 2016
  9. Results Forum - June 2016
  10. Other Resources

1. Initial Documents

2. February 2013 Version 2.0 Activity Detail Support Documents

3. August 2013 Version 3.0 Activity Detail and Support Documents

4. February 2014 Version 4.0 Activity Detail and Support Documents

5. August 2014 Version 5.0

Memoranda and supporting documents from The Assessment Committee/Academy Team providing feedback and recommendations regarding assessment, program review, and accreditation.

6. February 2015 Version 6.0

7. Version 7.0 project resources

8. Impact Report and Results Forum, June 8-10, 2016

Other Resources

Faculty Professional Development Workshops:

Workshop Resources


Special Activities

Fall 2012 Special Focus on Assessment:
Convocation Speaker: Dr. Peggy Maki

Other Resources:

AAC&U 15 National Value Rubrics

SALG Survey Site (Student Assessment of Learning Gains)

NILOA (National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment)

TracDat Resources

Outcomes using Hatfield model .PDF format

Assessment Guides .PDF format page of links

Bloom Taxonomy Resource Guide .PDF format

Bloom - one-page list of action verbs .PDF format

Course Assessment Guidesheets:
Stepwise .PDF format or Menu-based Fill in Blank .PDF format

Assessment Activity Log - a four-column table to document assessment results


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