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Strategic Plan Matrix

The University Assessment Plan encompassess all aspects of instituitonal effectiveness and student learning.


Institutional Reports on progress relative to the Strategic Plan

Assessment Plan Graphic

All divisions of the university make contribution to the institutional strategic planning process. Each division defines their unit outcomes and the correlation to the strategic plan key outcomes. Divisions, academic and support alike, assess their performance and effectiveness against targets they set, analyze and report on their findings, implement changes based on those findings, and repeat the cycle to find evidence that the changes were effective to increase student learning or instituitonal effectiveness.

Cabinet Reporting Unit: Assessment Reports

Directions: How to Produce Strategic Reports. These reports present the activities of the units which report to each Cabinet Office, listed by strategy in a traditional five-column report. The final column (University Summary) presents the assessemnt activities of the Cabinet Offices themselves, listed by strategy. Directions for on writing the Strategic Summary reports

Some links are to a .ZIP file of the PDF report with a subfolder to hold any attachments, University Summaries are PDF files.
(Free zip software:

  Office of President Office of Provost & VP Academic Affairs Office of VP Enrollment Services Office of VP Finance Office of VP Student Affairs Shared Governance Strategic Planning University Summary by Strategy based on Cabinet-level Assessment Units
  March 2015 March 2015 March 2015 March 2015 March 2015 March 2015  
Strategy 1 Collaborative, Committed Campus Community

PRES-1 2015

VPAA-1 2015

VPES-1_2013 VPES-1 2015 VPFI-1_2013 VPFI-1 2015 VPSA-1_2013 VPSA-1 2015 SG-1-2013 SG-1 2015

2012-2013Strategy 1 Summary 2014-2015Strategy 1 Summary

Strategy 2 Desirable School of Choice

PRES-2_2013PRES-2 2015

VPAA-2_2013 VPAA-2 2015 VPES-2_2013 VPES-2 2015

VPFI-2_2013 VPFI-2 2015

VPSA-2_2013VPSA-2 2015

SG-2-2013SG-2 2015

2012-2013Strategy 2 Summary2014-2015Strategy 2 Summary

Strategy 3 Student Campus Experience

PRES-3_2013PRES-3 2015

VPAA-3_2013 VPAA-3 2015 VPES-3_2013VPES-3 2015

VPFI-3_2013 VPFI-3 2015

VPSA-3_2013VPSA-3 2015

SG-3-2013SG-3 2015

2012-2013Strategy 3 Summary2014-2015Strategy 3 Summary

Strategy 4 Student Learning and Development

PRES-4_2013PRES-4 2015

VPAA-4_2013 VPAA-4 2015

VPES-4_2013VPES-4 2015

VPFI-4_2013 VPFI-4 2015

VPSA-4_2013VPSA-4 2015

SG-4-2013SG-4 2015

2012-2013Strategy 4 Summary2014-2015Strategy 4 Summary

Strategy 5 Regional Communities

PRES-5 2015

VPAA-5_2013 VPAA-5 2015

VPES-5_2013VPES-5 2015

VPFI-5_2013 VPFI-5 2015

VPSA-5_2013VPSA-5 2015

SG-5-2013SG-5 2015

2012-2013Strategy 5 Summary2014-2015Strategy 5 Summary

Strategy 6 Educational Support

PRES-6 2015

VPAA-6_2013 VPAA-6 2015

VPES-6_2013VPES-6 2015

VPFI-6_2013 VPFI-6 2015

VPSA-6_2013VPSA-6 2015

SG-6-2013SG-6 2015

2012-2013Strategy 6 Summary2014-2015Strategy 6 Summary

Strategy 7 Stewardshipt and Sustainability

PRES-7 2015

VPAA-7_2013 VPAA-7 2015

VPES-7_2013VPES-7 2015

VPFI-7_2013 VPFI-7 2015

VPSA-7_2013VPSA-7 2015

SG-7-2013SG-7 2015

2012-2013Strategy 7 Summary2014-2015Strategy 7 Summary

March 2015 Tracdat Export Summary Report

Strategic Planning & Budget Committee

Chair: Paul Weber

Committee Membership


Shared Governance Oversight Committee

Chair: Jaimee Gerrie

Committee Membership

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