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Jacey Cook

"I am currently enrolled in graduate school, doing both therapy and diagnostic testing with a multitude of age ranges. In therapy, I work with children, adolescents, adults and also provide marriage counseling, parent guidance and family therapy. Diagnostic testing gives me an opportunity to work with a wide range of referral questions such as learning difficulties, attention difficulties, gastric bypass evaluations, intellectual and personality measures. Lake Superior State University gave me a strong background in statistics and other courses that provided me with the skills to success and prepared me for graduate school."

Jacey Cook
Psychology Alum,
Graduate Student
University of Detroit Mercy

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Movie ID: VT4541
Movie Number: 4541
Description: The siginifcant first flight of the 777 marks the beginning of a year of flight tests designed to ensure the plane will be capable of surviving the most extreme conditions it is ever likely to meet. The tests begin slowly, with minor problems such as panels falling off and undercarriage doors vibrating, and culminate in the test they call "The Big One," where Boeing has to show that the plane can use maximum braking with its heavist weight, without the 3,000 degree heat of the brakes setting the plane on fire.
Part: 4
Time: 60
Department: ETMS
Call Number: TL686.B65 T8 1995

Impact in the real world...

Rachel Claucherty-Arnold

Rachel Claucherty-Arnold
Environmental Health

What made Rachel's Lake Superior State experience so unique was the practical research she did with top-notch faculty.

"I really enjoyed working with environmental chemistry professor Judy Westrick and biologist Deb Stai," Rachel says. "For my senior project, we evaluated a lab method for cultivating a fungus that causes infections in humans."

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