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Border Crossing

Volume 2, Fall 2012



Julie Brooks Barbour
Mary McMyne

Assistant Editors

Fiction: Patrick Brooks, Eric Cairns
Poetry: Jane Buckanaga Picotte, Laura Gamble
Reader: Aaron Fader

Cover Art Contest

Judge: Maureen Mousley
Winner: Jen Ganzhorn for “Splash”
Finalists: Colin Clancy for “November Gale Wave”
and Diane Jarvi for “Twilight, Escanaba River”


Mary McMyne



"Splash" by Jen Ganzhorn
"November Gale Wave" by Colin Clancy
"A Tree" by Ken Miller
"Twilight, Escanaba River" by Diane Jarvi
"Spirit Guide" by Daisy Fentiman
"Voyageurs with Mishipiechu" by Ellen Van Laar


"Six Pieces for an Imaginary Theater" by Geoffrey B. Cain


"Reading the Cup" by Mark Jacobs
"No Particular Order" by Loren Sundlee
"Love and Happiness" by Michael Borshuk
"Three Weeks" by Benjamin Soileau
"Towers" by Andrew F. Sullivan (click to read excerpt)


"Cold" by Curtis Smith
"Weird Bread" by Bess Fox (click to read excerpt)


"Midair" by Valerie Wohlfeld
"Ghost Month" by Lillian Kwok
"Whatever saves us is sacred" by Bernadette Geyer
"The Lexicon of Streets" by Carol Carpenter
"On Being Asked the Importance of Finding Patagonia on a Map" by Jeremy Dae Paden
"Smooth Stone" by Sarah Rehfeldt
"Half-Orphans" by Tommy Trull
"Seven, I Knew Lightning" by Ron Riekki
"Break" by Katherine Abrams
"Old Redd" and "Approaching James Still’s Grave" by Matthew Haughton
"Snow, Clear, Repeat" by Steve Shilling
"Call / Response" by Lenore Balliro
"Therefore" by Scott Wiggerman
"My Mother Believed Florida Canals" by Paul David Adkins
"This Old House" by Matthew Ulland
"Handshake" by Phil Dansdill
"Speck" by Margaret Ricketts
"Drought" by Tobi Cogswell
"The Sounds of February" by Adam Uhrig
"What I Get Now" by Eric Gadzinski
"A Survivor’s Barbecue" by John Grey
"At Home in the Storm" by Jack Granath
"Cutting Grass on Easter Morning" and "Love Song for Electricity" by Al Maginnes
"The Next Thing You Know" by Aaron Anstett
"The Salamander’s Oath" by David Ruekberg


"The Remnants of the Banquet" by Ana García Bergua, tr. Toshiya Kamei

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