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Border Crossing

Volume 1, Spring 2011

"Shows just how vibrant a small journal can be..."
- Ken Brosky, Review in New Pages


Julie Brooks Barbour
Jillena Rose

Editorial Board
Fiction: Ashlie Fonger, Assistants: Rachel Branstrom, M.D. Nelson
Poetry: Jane Buckanaga Picotte, Assistants: Eric Cairns, Aaron Fader, Ronlea Peterson
Nonfiction: Rochelle Allen, Assistants: Amanda Dixon, Cherith Plesscher
Art: Rachel Branstrom

Aaron Fader



Anna Elkins - "Kingfisher"

George Bishop - "Watching Dolphins In the Harbor With the Homeless"

Dale Ritterbusch - "F=MA" and "Homily"

Katerina Stoykova-Klemer - "Conversation C" and "Conversation F"

Chris Green - "In Situ"

Angela Vogel - "What Nelly Should Have Said That Day on the Moor"

Ron Houchin - "Five, Before Dawn"

Guy K. M. Smith - "Summertime Weight"

Dorothy Brooks - "Wandering Creek," "Passing By," and "Workout"

Tanner Harman - "Anchors & Straits"

Aaron Fader - "Fickle Songs"

Jane Buckanaga Picotte - "Boarding School Phenomenon"

Mary Giermann - "Tears on Petals"

Rochelle Allen - "apples don’t grow in Israel"

Diana Pingatore - "The Dispossessed" and "The Poppy in the Barley"

Heather Rutkowski - "Ink Heart" and "The Baobab"

Alex Chornyj - "Unencumbered Resonation"

Eric Gadzinski - "Van Gogh" and "Waboos"

John Thomas York - "Barn Swallows" and "Irving Street"

Antiwan Walker - "Witness My Smile"

Cheryl R. Hopson - "Goodbye Lucille (In Memoriam)" and "A Love Song"

Marcus Myers - "Notes for an Introduction"

Sally Rosen Kindred - "The Ride Home"


Rajia Hassib - "Aerodynamics, Wingspan, and How Planes Fly"

Sarah Becks - "The Muse of Dreams"

M.D. Nelson - "Let’s Say It Was a Tuesday"

Jade Patton - "Skipping Stones"

Lynn Pruett - "Chicken"


Jacob Riley - "The Sustainability of Aquaculture"

Cherith Plesscher - "I’m sorry I waited so long to write"

Justin Beach - "Being One With the World: An Aberrant Reflection of Freire"


Amal al-Jubouri (trans. Rebecca Gayle Howell with Husam Qaisi) - "Honor Before the Occupation," "Honor After the Occupation," "Photographs Before the Occupation," and "Photographs After the Occupation"

Book Review

Bernadette Geyer - "Reviews of Two New Chapbooks by Women Poets"


Peter Donofrio

Cover Art

Rachel Branstrom

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