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Blackboard Learn Mobile App

Please make a note of the following prior to downloading and using this app:

1. Prior to downloading the app: Delete the previous Blackboard CE8 mobile app from your device if you have installed it.

2. Pricing: Download the Blackboard Mobile Learn app from iTunes. The app costs $1.99 per year, or $5.99 for life.

3. Works with: The app is compatable with ios devices (iphones/ipads) and Android devices at this time.

4. What to expect: This app is basically a viewer for your Blackboard content. You will be unable to upload files. It is not meant to replace the Blackboard Learn experience from a computer

5. Assistance: If you'd like someone to walk you through the installation of the app, please contact the IT Helpdesk at (906) 635-6677.

Mobile Learn Device Demo

  Android Devices
iPhone/iPod touch

For Faculty

Best Practices for Mobile Friendly Courses

Designing a Mobile Friendly Blackboard Course (links to Northern Illinois University)





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