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Blackboard Online Training Series

The following are a series of seven courses that introduce users to the skills necessary to design and teach online using Blackboard Learn:

  • Getting Started 
  • Building Courses 
  • Enhancing Communications
  • Assessing Learners 
  • Designing Engaging Content
  • Building Online Communities 
  • Monitoring Student Performance
The above mentioned courses use the following two additional courses:

Development Course: This blank course is used for most course-building activities.

Practice Course:  This course - which includes mock students, discussions, grades, assessments and assignments - is used for specific hands-on course management activities.

Enrolling in the Online Training Series

Directions for self-enrolling in the above mentioned courses


Short description of each course

Getting Started with Blackboard Learn

This course provides a hands-on introduction to the teaching and learning features of Blackboard Learn. You will also become familiar with some common start-up tasks, such as organizing the Course Menu, customizing the course style, creating announcements, adding calendar entries, setting up discussion forums, and adding textbook information.

Building Courses

In this course, you will learn the principles and processes involved in building a course from the ground up. Some of the topics covered are: Planning your course, Course building basics, Using course files, Presenting your content and Evaluating your course.

Enhancing Communications

In this course, you will learn to effectively use select Blackboard Learn communication tools to increase student engagement within your course.

After exploring strategies for building community among your students, you will experiment with the tools to help you decide which are best for your course.

Assessing Learners

In this course, you are introduced to the features and functions of the tools used to deliver assignments and assess students in Blackboard Learn.

Designing Engaging Content

In this course, you will learn strategies for effectively designing and organizing content to increase student engagement within your courses. As you work through the lessons you will develop a plan for improving your own courses and build a sample lesson that incorporates some of the techniques discussed. Finally, you will learn how to adaptively release content to students.

Building Online Communities

In this course, we will further explore some of the communication and collaboration tools Blackboard Learn has to offer. Learn how to make the most of Discussions, Journals and Blogs and Wiki's. Learn to collaborate with Groups.

Monitoring Student Performance

In this course, you will gain in-depth knowledge of the tools and features that help monitor and evaluate student performance. Topics include the Grade Center, the Early Warning System, the Performance Dashboard, the Review Status feature, and the reports and statistics you can use to better track student progress.


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