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Setting up drafts

Instructors can choose to set up SafeAssignments as drafts, which allows students to submit papers without storing them (otherwise, if they submitted the paper again, it would have a 100% match against itself!)

To set up a Draft Assignment - go through the regular SafeAssignment set up and click the Draft option to "Yes". This specific draft SafeAssignment will allow each student to submit once and will check their paper and generate a SafeAssign Report but will not store it in the Institutional Database.

Please Note -  You also need to create another SafeAssignment that will be your Final Version.  This Final version should have the "Draft" feature set to "No" so that when the students submit, their paper is not only checked for plagiarism, but also stored in the database.

So in summary - to allow for drafts of a SafeAssignment, complete the following steps:

  1. Create a SafeAssignment and set the "Draft" control to "Yes" - this will be the SafeAssignment students submit to first.  Please remember to message as such in your Instructor Instructions. 
  2. You can repeat #1 for as many draft versions as you want to allow.
  3. Create another SafeAssignment for your Final Version and make sure the "Draft" control is set to "No".  Again, message this to your students through the title and instructions. 
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