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Troubleshooting Assignments, Discussion Boards, Blogs, Journal, Wikis and Test


When writing in the discussion board, on blogs, tests, etc, you should always keep a copy in a word processor or notepad on your computer. This way, if something doesn't send correctly or doesn't save correctly, you have a copy of your work.

Troubleshooting Assignments

  • Make sure your assignments are in the file format stated by your instructor.
  • If you are having problems loading or submitting an assignment, check the file size. Large files may take a long time to load, or may not load at all. Work out a solution with your instructor.

Troubleshooting Discussion Boards

  • When working in the discussion board, always keep a copy of your work in an open Word processor.

Troubleshooting Blogs, Journal, and Wikis

When working in Blackboard text editors (in blogs, discussion boards, etc.) be aware that copying from Word may carry over bad formatting. Plain text formats, such as the basic notepad on your computer, do not carry over bad formatting.

Troubleshooting Tests

If the test is presented all at once (you can see all the test questions) we recommend saving after each question to ensure some data is archived if their is a problem with the test.

  • If you experience a test that has frozen, try and copy your work (test answers) and then contact your instructor.
  • To prevent data loss, save after every question when taking a test with all questions presented at once.


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