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iClicker is now integrated with Blackboard CE8

Advantages and Benefits of using iClickers

Click here on getting started with the iClicker integration

Please Note:

  • One the first page of the documentation, the instructions says that the CE administrator will provide you with instructions on how to enable the link for students to register their clickers remotes. Here are the steps to creating this link:
    1. login as an instructor/designer for the course
    2. from the Build tab click on Add Content Link
    3. select WebCTiClickerRegister
    4. click on the button Create WebCTiClickerRegister
    5. type in a title ex. "Click here to register iclickers"
    6. click on the Save button
    To test the link, click on the Student tab, and click on the newly created link, "Click here to register iclickers".
  • The instructions also refers to program files that you need to copy into your iClicker's MyCourse folders. These system files can be located at: O:\iClicker folder.

iClicker Tech Support contact information: email:, phone number is: 866.209.5698.

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