The Soo Blue Liners

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The Soo Blue Liners

The Soo Blue Liners commenced operations as a support group in 1982-83 with a membership of 75 people. The organization was developed for the specific purpose of supporting Laker Hockey. Soo Blue Liners provided team scholarships, team pictures, decorations for the new locker rooms, and other extras the coaches desired.

Over the years, the camaraderie has grown and friendships have been cultivated. In addition, our membership has developed and sustained friendship with not only the Laker players, but with their parents and families as well. It is not unusual for Laker parents to visit on a hockey weekend and spend time with the Blue Liners.

The concept of a support group for a varsity team is not a novel one. Most Division I Hockey teams have a support group. Our organization is one of the largest of its kind. We invite you to be a part of our extended Laker family.

A Little Bit about our Lakers

The Lakers of Lake Superior State University have been a hockey tradition for many years. They compete in the touch Central Collegiate Hockey Association, versus such opponents as Michigan State University, University of Michigan, and Bowling Green State University.

Over the past few yars, the hockey program has grown and gained national recognition. It has one of the better winning percentage of any Division I hockey team in the country over the past ten years. In 1998, 1992, and 1994 they won the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Ice Hockey Championship. They have been CCHA Regular Season champs many times (1974, 1988, 1991, 1996). After graduation, many of the players have gone into professional hockey careers.

More important than the winning percentage is the emphasis our hockey program places on education. The number who have graduated on schedule, within four years, is outstanding and a proud trademark of the program. The Hockey Lakers are earning good educations, performing well on the ice and are doing well in today's competitive society. It adds up to a positive experience for all involved. Your membership and assistance helps us maintain support for this great and ever growing program.

The Soo Blue Liners have become a recognized part of the social life of Sault Ste. Marie. Check your hockey calendar to join in the fun and contribute to as many events as possible. Some of these events are:

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