The Night I Made You Cry

by SAV

I was lying in the sheets,
My head in motion,
Like the spin on a top,
I got up and took something to make it all stop,
But it only made me scared when I couldnít,
It did not.

So now Iím sitting in the bathroon,
Iím not thinking clear,
Looking at someone else in the bathroom mirror,
Who is this person I do not recognize,
Why is there still fear and loneliness in her eyes?

Go away, go away, was all I could feel,
Youíre a nothing,
Worthless shit,
Not even real!
I only wanted back myself in the end,
To kill the rest I thought would never mend.

Now Iím back in your arrrs,
ďTom, my stomach hurts,Ē
My God what have I done?
ďYouíre so stupid,Ē I curse.

Verification is close at hand,
Itís all in your eyes,
And the grab of your hands,
Disgust in the air,
Trembling in your stare.

And the only response,

The same answer I want:


And you cried and you cried,
And I...

I died.