And the Sky Watched

by SAV

Lying on my back, I watched the sky’s clouds change colors as my thoughts ascended towards them; bouncing back to me in reflections of blue, yellow red, white, and green. Spectacular! Yet, how ironic to be witnessing such beauty now. Silent and calming, it was nothing like my thoughts, which barraged my senses so quickly and vividly that it was as though I were watching a slide show projected by strobe light.

My brother and I playing in the sand at the beach, laughter, smiles; my puppy; running through sprinklers in the summer heat, mouths open, barefoot; hugs, my first kiss, my first love; climbing trees, snowball fights, swimming, floating, carelessness, joy; the smell of Dad’s shirts, of Mom’s perfume... of the ocean. Bonfires in the fall, shooting stars, chocolate, fireflies, friends, danci..... “Stop your crying you Fucking Bitch!” REALITY.

I looked back up to the sky. The colors were fading, and so were try thoughts. “No, No, No!” My voice echoed into the night. I did not want to be left alone with him. “Please...NO!”

But, the sky had turned black, and with it my heart.

My innocence had set with the sun.