Local Issues and Materials


Sugar Island Related Materials…

St. Marys River – Sugar Island Monitoring – 2009 Report from Work Group – June 2010

St. Marys River – Sugar Island Monitoring – 2008 Report from Work Group – March 2009

St. Marys River – Sugar Island Monitoring – 2007 Report from Work Group – April 2008


Little Rapids Restoration Related Materials…

BPAC Letter to Chippewa County Road Commission re: Support for Little Rapids Project (June 2013)

Little Rapids Habitat Restoration Project – URS Presentation to BPAC (November 2012)

Little Rapids Restoration Fact Sheet by URS (May 2012)

Eastern Upper Peninsula Regional Planning and Development Little Rapids Restoration Webpage

Sediment Quality Analysis of the Little Rapids Area (Gustafson 1999)


Pointe Estates Development…

BPAC Letter to the RCA Board re: Pointe Estates Development (March 2013)

For more information on the Pointe Estates Development, please visit the “Articles and Reports” section of the Pointes Protection Association website.

If any member of the public or otherwise has additional information they would like to see shared on the proposed development, please contact us through the “Contact Us” page.