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Alum Success

"My two business degrees from LSSU were instrumental in preparing me to work at all levels of Edison Sault Electric (ESE), concluding with the privilege of becoming ESE President in 1998. My company also takes pride in that 14 out of a total of 17 management personnel and about 20% of hourly employees at ESE either have degrees from or have attended a substantial number of classes at LSSU. Finally, our company and employees have contributed in excess of $500,000 to various LSSU projects over the last 25 years. ESE Believes in Blue."

Don Sawruk '70
Edison Sault Electric Company
President and CEO
Sault Ste. Marie, MI

2012- 2013 Enactus Team Projects


Roots is a first year project. This project is working with the alternative high school in Sault Ste. Marie, Malcolm High School. Our team goes to high school once a week and teaches students about the aspects of starting up a business. The students will be responsible for buying supplies, caring for the plants, advertising, selling and budgeting. To help offset the cost of supplies, our team was selected for the Sam’s Club Step up for Small Business grant of $1500.00.


Green-Light: Green-light is a first year project. This project will educate people on energy usage and how to save money by using CFL light bulbs. Our group has teamed up with Cloverland Electric to get this message out to the public. We have multiple events where we will be doing light bulb exchanges for CFL light bulbs. There will be visual aids to show people the difference between a standard light bulb and a CFL.

Healthy Kids

Healthy Kids is a first year project. Obesity is the number one crisis our country is facing today. Our team is working with Saint Mary’s School to educate students about eating healthy. The students will be putting together a cookbook and all the proceeds from the cook book will go towards a cause the students select themselves.

Merit Badge College

The Merit Badge College is a third year project. Merit Badge College provides Boy Scotts a chance to earn badges in business, First Aid, Forestry and more. These badges will help boy scouts work toward their Eagle Scout status.

Computer Drive

The computer drive is a third year project. The computer drive collects old computers, refurbishes them and then they are delivered to Cameroon Africa every two years. This project keeps computers out of landfills, and gives African students a chance to broaden their horizons.


Graduate in Marketing...

Anna Wilson, '06 Marketing

"Lake State is a local University that gave me the option to earn my education while located close to my family. My short-term goal is to gain as much experience as possible in the community and to possibly continue my education toward a Masters Degree. Id like to continue my work within the city and take advantage of opportunities to be more involved in local politics. In the long term, after Ive made myself as competitive as possible in the marketing field, Id like to get a job at a medium to large size company and work more with individual products or brands as opposed to marketing a company itself." [ more ]

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