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Faculty/Staff Frequently Asked Questions

I am filling out a local fund voucher and I don't know what account numbers to use.

Check out the chart of accounts in an Excel spreadsheet at o:\busop\coa.

I was awarded a grant; how do I establish appropriate accounting for it?

Complete the "Request for New Account Form", including all the approvals and forward the completed form to Accountant Juliana Cox.

I want to establish a petty cash fund for our department, how do I begin?

Fill out a local fund voucher payable to the persons who will be handling the petty cash and indicate that it is to establish a petty cash fund. Complete the Petty Cash Reimbursement Vouchers when your petty cash fund needs replenished.

How do I know who to send certain items to, or who deals with certain things?

Confused? Give us a call at ext. 2276. We will lead you in the right direction. You may also refer to the staff directory.