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Traveler Information

About the Voucher

The employee travel reimbursement voucher is now in Microsoft Excel format. While the document may be printed and completed manually, it is strongly preferred that the form be downloaded and completed electronically, then printed for submission to business operations. The current form version will automatically calculate daily and section totals, as well as appropriate mileage reimbursement based upon miles driven.

Travelers may wish to consult the Guidelines for Traveler Reimbursement to ensure that expenses claimed are allowable and/or appropriate.

Receipt Submission

When submitting an employee travel reimbursement voucher, receipts are required for all expenses. Receipts smaller than 8.5" x 11.0" should be affixed with tape to one or more sheets of letter-size paper and attached to the employee travel reimbursement voucher. All receipts should be identified and organized in such a manner that they can be readily reconciled with the expenses listed on the accompanying voucher.