Redefining the Classroom

Alumnus Nick Smith speaks to Chemistry Classes

November 16th, 12:00 PM until 4:00 PM


Description: LSSU alumnus Nick Smith '04 is here to give two talks: one at noon in room 205 of Crawford Hall to the LSSU chemistry senior seminar class, and a second presentation, open to the university community, at 3 p.m. in room 204 of Crawford, when he will discuss his work at the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago. Smith works in the areas of radioisotope recycling and medical isotope synthesis and isolation. His talk to the seniors will include information on his career path, and interesting tidbits he has picked up along the way. Smith received his bachelor's degree in chemistry from LSSU, then went on to graduate work in nuclear chemistry at University of Nevada-Las Vegas, where he received his Ph.D. He is a postdoctoral research fellow at Argonne, which is where much of the experimental work for the Manhattan Project occurred and is the site where the first nuclear reactor was built. The Argonne lab, along with Oak Ridge and Los Alamos labs, are where the bulk of nuclear research is performed in the U.S.

Location: Crawford Hall, rooms 204 & 205

Contact: Prof. Marshall Werner

June 2017