Redefining the Classroom


Resolution No. 2005-01     Introduced by: Sec. Calvin Jones
Introduced on: 13 January 2005

A RESOLUTION TO: Increase awareness of the actions of Student Government by providing for the Internet-display of resolutions passed by Student Government.

WHEREAS, the Lake Superior State University Student Government is elected by the students and is therefore responsible to the student body; and

WHEREAS, the student body has a vested interest in all actions taken by Student Government; and

WHEREAS, the resolutions passed by Student Government are the key to fully understanding such actions; and

WHEREAS, the Internet is the most cost-effective and easily accessible place to display these resolutions; and

WHEREAS, the Secretary of University Development and Community Affairs has been given charge of Student Government web development; be it therefore

RESOLVED, that all resolutions passed by Student Government during the 2004-2005 academic year shall be posted on the Student Government web site by the aforementioned Secretary; and further

RESOLVED, that the number of ‘yea’ and ‘nay’ votes and the number of abstentions that each resolution receives shall be posted with the resolution in question; and further

RESOLVED, that in order to facilitate this process, all resolutions passed by the General Assembly from this date through the end of this academic year shall be submitted in electronic format to the aforementioned Secretary within twenty-four hours of passage to be posted within one week of passage; and further

RESOLVED, that all resolutions passed in the Fall 2004 Student Government session that still exist in electronic format shall be presented in this format to the aforementioned Secretary within one week of the passage of this resolution.


Approved, Yes: 13, No: 1, Abstentions: 0