Redefining the Classroom


Resolution No. 2005-08     Introduced by: Sec. Calvin Jones Rep. Leith Nader
Introduced on: 2 February 2005

A RESOLUTION TO: Recommend that an ad hoc university committee be formed to research and facilitate the improvement of the Cisler Center as a student union.

WHEREAS, the new restrictions placed on alcohol by the university have deprived students of some activities such as frat parties, etc., without adequately compensating for this loss on the studentsí part; and

WHEREAS, having an attractive, functional space for students to congregate for a variety of different purposes is an important factor of student life at most other universities as well as an essential item on the checklists of many prospective students as they search for a university to attend; and

WHEREAS, it is generally agreed upon by students and many members of the administration and faculty that the facilities available are not currently very inviting and provide only a minimum number of services; and

WHEREAS, the improvement of the Cisler Center as a student union could benefit the students of this university by providing a place to socialize and relax in an environment that would be more comfortable and would also provide more conveniences and activities; and

WHEREAS, researching and developing a plan for any improvements made to the Cisler Center should be the shared responsibility of university administration, from which funding would have to be allocated, as well as that of the student body at large; be it therefore

RESOLVED, that the Lake Superior State University Student Government does strongly recommend that a university committee be formed to research the need for improvements to the Cisler Center as a student union as well as the types of improvements needed; and further

RESOLVED, that this committee should be given an adequate budget to be able to bring about the changes to the Cisler Center that it deems most necessary.


Failed, Yes: 5, No: 6, Abstentions: 2