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Resolution No. 2005-24     Introduced by: Sec. Andrew Weiss
Introduced on: 23 March 2005

A RESOLUTION TO: Allocate funding from the Discretionary Fund for the future events and contracts signed by the Activities Board over the summer of 2005.

WHEREAS, the Discretionary Funding Committee approved the funding application on March 23, 2005, with a 4-0-1 vote; and

REALIZING, the previous concerns of past years where money was not budgeted for the event contracts that were signed before the beginning of the fall semester; and

FURTHER REALIZING, that signing summer contracts for events is necessary to guarantee performers at a lesser cost to students.

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, that Student Government allocates $5,000.00 from the Discretionary Fund for the Activities Board to approve and sign event contracts for the Fall 2005 and Spring 2006 semesters.

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, that the Activities Board must allocate this funding before September 5, 2005 towards contractual obligations of performers, and that any remaining funds that are not allocated by this date must be placed back into the Discretionary Fund.


Approved, Yes: 14, No: 0, Abstentions: 0