Redefining the Classroom


Resolution No. 2005-30     Introduced by: Rep. Amanda Burmeister UDCA Committee
Introduced on: 6 April 2005

A RESOLUTION TO: Allocate up to $2000.00 for expenses related to sending students to Lansing to discuss issues of higher education with select members of the State Senate and House of Representatives.

WHEREAS, It would be in the best interest of the student body to make the Michigan State Legislature aware of the unique education provided by Lake Superior State University; and

WHEREAS, It would also be in the best interest of the student body to make sure that the legislature recognizes the difficulties that recent budget cuts have put upon our university; and

WHEREAS, The most effective way to communicate these messages is to meet in person with appropriate legislators; be it therefore

RESOLVED, That Lake Superior State University Student Government allocates up to $2000 for expenses related to hosting a Legislative Luncheon to be divided as follows:

Catering + Conference room rental (estimated) $1000

2 Nights, 2 Rooms, 3 Students per room $210

Food For Students
1 Lunch 6 Students $8 per lunch
2 Dinners 6 Students $16 per dinner
Total $240

Transportation (Mini-van)
Base rate: $35
285 miles one-way 2 ways 42 per mile: $240
50 misc. miles 42 per mile: $21
Total $296

21 sheets (4 invitations per sheet) 3 per sheet: 63
Cutting fee: $5.00
10 per sheet paper fee (estimated): $2.10
Total $7.73

Miscellaneous $246.27


Approved, Yes: 12, No: 1, Abstentions: 2