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Resolution No. 2005-33     Introduced by: Sec. Calvin Jones
Introduced on: 13 April 2005

A RESOLUTION TO: Allocate funds for fuel and food while members of Lake Superior State University Student Government attend the Association of Michigan Universities Quarterly Meeting.

WHEREAS, the Association of Michigan Universities (AMU) will be holding its quarterly meeting in May 2005 at the University of Michigan, Dearborn Campus; and

WHEREAS, AMU is designed to benefit all students of public universities across the state of Michigan, including Lake Superior State University; and

WHEREAS, it is in the best interest of Lake Superior State University, which has attended regularly in years past, to continue to be represented at AMU; be it therefore

RESOLVED, that Lake Superior State University Student Government allocates up to $437 for the AMU related expenses to be divided as follows.

Lunch: 8 $8.00 $64.00
Friday: 4
Sunday: 4

Supper: 8 $16.00 $128.00
Friday: 4
Saturday: 4

Car: $35 fee + 720 miles $0.34 per mile $245.00
LSSU to U of M, Dearborn: 350 miles 2
Miscellaneous: 20 miles

Total Cost: $437.00

Note: Meal cost is based on LSSU per diem meal reimbursement policy allowance. (Actual cost will likely be less than stated.)


Approved, Yes: 14, No: 0, Abstentions: 1