Redefining the Classroom

Club Sports

Competitive and non-competitive organized clubs give students who have an interest in a specific sport the opportunity to meet and continue to learn basic skills. Competitive organizations provide students with a high level competition and the opportunity to compete in various state, regional, national and international contests and tournaments against clubs from various other colleges and universities. Non-competitive organizations provide students the opportunity to train and learn basic skills.

Cost: Club sports are pay-to-play organizations. Financial obligations vary depending upon the sport/activity, schedule length, travel, ect.

Active Club Teams and Organizations

  • Co-Rec Lacrosse
    • President: CJ Schmitigal,
    • Advisor: Sharmay Wood,
  • Men’s Ice Hockey
    • President: Shane Koch,
    • Advisor:
    • Coach: Marty Rowe
  • Men’s Soccer
    • President: Kody Stieve,
    • Advisor/Coach:
  • Women's Soccer
    • President: Kyrstin Sheridan,
    • Advisor/Coach: Joe Loomis,
  • Softball
    • President: Jenna Holt,
    • Advisor/Coach: Linda Bouvet,
  • Bass Fishing
    • President: Jake Dorony,
    • Advisor: Joe Loomis,

How to Form a New Club Sport

Competitive Clubs

Non-Competitve Clubs

Sport Club Forms

Roster Form

Preliminary Budget Form


Contact: Dylan Hill, Comptetive Sports Intern